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  • Whos In Your Front Row Pic

    Who is in your Front Row?

    During the holidays someone asked me, “Who’s in your front row?” and it really stuck with me. This question is a friendship game changer! We are a reflection of the company we keep. Check out the video to learn who’s in your front row and why …

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  • How To Get In The Habit Of Liking Your Body

    How to get in the Habit of Liking your Body

    Sometimes it’s hard to like the way you look. When we think or do negative things to our bodies, it can become a habit without us even knowing it. In today’s video, I’m giving step by step advice for creating happy body habits. You were …

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  • How to Make a Decision

    Making decisions can be stressful. I know that I’ve dragged out what to do in a situation because deciding felt really hard. What I realized is that making decisions comes from having faith in yourself and today I’m giving my tips I use for making …

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  • How To Talk To Your Parent Pic

    How to Talk to your Parents

    Going to your parents for advice can sometimes be hard, but I know from experience that if you open up to them they can actually be a big help. Plus, they really want to hear from you! Today, I’m sharing helpful tips for talking to …

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  • Healthy Pumpkin Doughnut

    Snow Day Healthy Pumpkin Doughnut Holes

    Back to school after the holiday break is always rough, but winter classes mean the possibility of snow days. For me, snow days are always about baking (or making pancakes) or both and I wanted to share a healthier version of doughnuts.  These are made …

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  • The Best Of 2014

    The Best of 2014!

    This year has been incredible! It’s been such a pleasure to guide you and I wanted to share my top videos of  2014! Thanks for making this year so special!   What to do if you’re not Invited to a Party      How I …

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  • Celebrating Average Day Blog Pic

    Why We Need to Celebrate the Average Day

    Happy holidays, Modern Mentees! What are you going to be up to? I’m excited to hang with my family, eat delicious food, catch up on sleep… and Netflix! I wanted to share today’s topic because it’s something I’m personally working on. I find, especially during …

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  • What To Do If Youre Not In Love With Your College Experience Pic

    What to do if you’re not in Love with your College Experience

    There’s a big myth out there that most students love college right off the bat. If you’re still feeling iffy about the whole thing that’s totally normal. So many girls come home for the holidays freshman year feeling like they should have their friendships, classes, …

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  • How To Find Balance Pic

    How to Find Balance

    I don’t know about you, but by the time December rolls around, all I’m craving are my favorite holiday foods. Combine this with the school stress you might be facing, and your healthy routine flies out the window. In order to enter 2015 feeling awesome, …

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  • How To Ask A New Friend To Hang Out Pic

    How to Ask a New Friend to Hang Out

    Sometimes we have school friends we only hang out with in class or sports friends we only see at practice. I had dance friends I only saw in ballet class. We really like them, but feel awkward asking them to hang out outside of wherever …

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