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    Mmm Banana Pancakes!

    It’s no secret that I LOVE to take my favorite foods and make them healthier so when I was¬†craving banana pancakes I knew I had to make them with a spin. Pancakes with sugar and white flour can leave me feeling tired so I found …

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    Paige of Paige Denim Shares her Advice!

    Last week I was at Paige Denim for an event where the Owner and Creative Director, Paige Adams-Geller, was in attendance. She was incredibly gracious and as we were chatting I couldn’t help but ask her what advice she would give young women!   Click …

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    3 Ways We Forget How Awesome We Are

    I’m in the middle of my yoga teacher training and that means packed weekends full of classes! This Sunday we were talking about the ways in which we bury our awesomeness. When we look into how we’re telling ourselves we aren’t good enough we see …

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    My Biggest Secret to Staying Healthy

    Shhh. Today I’m sharing my biggest secret to staying healthy and it’s really so easy you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Everyone wants to look good for summer, but healthy habits are for life. This is especially important if you’re heading …

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    How to Find Out Who you are by Cleaning Out your Makeup Drawer

    It’s finally starting to feel like spring where I’m from and for me that means cleaning out the old to make way for the new. As I moved from emptying my closet to cleaning out my beauty products I discovered I was having a hard …

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    What to do When you Feel Really Sad

    Over the past couple months it seems like the world has been hit with one tragedy after another. These situations leave us feeling heavy, scared, vulnerable, but most of all helpless. When we feel like there’s nothing we can do we get disconnected. In today’s …

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    How to Handle Rejection

    April is a big month in terms of acceptances! Students are hearing back from colleges, getting asked out to prom and applying to summer programs. When we put ourselves out there for an opportunity we risk getting rejected, but I’m here to tell you that …

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    My Weekend in Photos March Edition

    How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was full of family, fun and food. Check out a few of my pictures below. Woke up to this little guy Ate delicious Easter candy California cousins visited the East Coast Spun around NYC Saw a friend perform in the …

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    Have your Cake and Eat it Too!

    It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Easter or not, if you walk into any store there’s tons of candy all around tempting us into a sugar high! I’m all about healthy living and that means not depriving yourself of the things you love. Part of …

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    The Best Relationship Advice I Ever got From a Movie

    I know! I shouldn’t take any kind of romantic cues from rom-coms, but I couldn’t help myself. This line was just too good! Press play to find out the best relationship advice I ever got from a romantic comedy¬†   We are told to push …

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