Modern Mentor Prep Classes

Middle and High School Prep Workshop

Ease the stress of transition! Moving to middle and high school can be scary because of the uncertainty. New schools, teachers, and friends can cause girls to start their first day of school with anxiety instead of excitement. These workshops are designed to help kick off the school year with confidence! We’re covering everything girls need to know including:

  • Making & Keeping Friends
  • Navigating the Lunch Room
  • Managing Stress
  • Creating Happy Body Habits
  • Positive posting & Social Media
  • How to Talk to your Teachers and Parents

Middle School Prep

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High School Prep

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College Prep Classes

In today’s competitive academic environment students spend a lot of time prepping to get into college, but what kind of work goes into being on your own for the first time? Leaving for school, even if you’re not going very far, is equal parts scary and exciting. The key to handling this transition is to have a strong sense of self and it has to happen way before girls ever step foot on a college campus. In these sessions we cover:

  • Making friends and Living with Roommates
  • Body Image, Health, and the Freshman 15
  • Academic Stress and Finding Purpose
  • Dating on a College Campus

Just like you would go to your big sister for advice, I’m here to share with you my tips for taking on the transition because I’ve been through it all!