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  • How To Raise Capable Kids 2

    Good Vibes are Self Made

    I wanted to share a story that I’ve used with my girls in my mentoring sessions. Recently, I saw a man with a shirt that said: Good Vibes Self Made and it inspired me! Sometimes I think we get really stuck in looking to things on the outside to make …

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  • How To Raise Capable Kids

    The Secret to Raising Capable Kids

    Even though much of my work is focused on mentoring teens, I spend just as much time speaking with moms. I hear about their hopes and worries for their girls. One common theme that’s popped up centers around raising capable kids. Everyone wants their daughters …

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  • Conditional Friends

    Conditional Friendship

    Do you have conditional friendships? If you feel like someone is only friends with you based on certain terms then this video is for you!          

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    A Gratitude Game

    If you’re going on a road trip this August, I got a game for you! We played this in my confidence camp and it was a big hit. We’re all told to think about the things we’re grateful for, but this takes it to the …

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    How One Word can Change your World

    This week, I got lots of questions about being left out and actually got excluded from a hang out myself. Talk about practicing what you preach! In today’s video, I share the technique I used to help myself feel better. Also this video helps too!

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    What to do when you see on Social Media that you’ve been Left Out

    It’s easy to feel upset when you see all your friends hanging out on social media and either you weren’t invited or couldn’t make it. Today I talk about what I do when I see on social media that I’m left out!

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    An Easy Way to Up your Vibe

    One of the most important parts of managing stress is to figure out your inner dialogue. I’ve been working with my students on this little trick that’s a super easy way to change your energy. Check out this video for more positive vibes.     …

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    Advice I got from John Mayer

    Confession: I don’t actually know John Mayer, but I was listening to him talk about a song and he had some really interesting advice about confronting your inner bully. Check out today’s video to see what I learned!

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    How to Handle Body Stress

    I’ve received tons of questions about body stress and how it relates to prom/Memorial Day Weekend. It’s hard to have fun when you’re worrying about what you look like. Body stress is something everyone deals with and today I’m sharing one of the most important things we can …

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    A Day in Life

    Last Tuesday, I shared on Snapchat a day in life! Like I always say to my students,  you are only seeing what people WANT to show you on social media, so I decided to be honest and write down all the things that it didn’t …

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