This November my mom approached me and told me I was going to be attending a mentoring session once a week on Saturdays with Maggie. At first I told her there was no way I was going, even if one of my best friends went too. I didn’t think I needed advice on school or friends or relationships and I didn’t want to be preached to about the normal things most teenagers are lectured on by the usual high school guidance counselor. The first time I went to one of Maggie’s sessions I was blow away. It was completely different than I imagined. Instead of having to sit down and have the same things I’ve heard a billion times blown in my face again we started with a meditation which I had never done before. Maggie didn’t push her thoughts and opinions onto me, and I found myself looking forward to every Saturday when I could go and have some “Maggie time”. We talked about issues that my friends and I face on a daily basis that I had never received any advice on previously. Maggie listened to our stories and real life examples of the problems we were going over and the entire atmosphere of the lesson made me comfortable and willing to share anything I felt the need to talk about.

Maggie isn’t just a mentor she is like the big sister I never had, and I don’t have to worry about her judging me for my wrong doings but I know she will help me to see where things went wrong And how to fix them. I learned so much from these classes and so much about myself that when i saw one of my friends in distress and getting lost in her own life I talked to Maggie and started bringing her along with me. I could see the change in her attitude toward things and outlook on situations getting better as the weeks progressed and we now both go to see Maggie. Maggie has really helped me become more confident in who I am as a person and my values. I have learned how to handle complex and difficult situations calmly and have learned the importance of taking a step back and spending some quiet time to get to know myself. I am now a more confident and happy girl who is comfortable around my friends and family and I have learned to surround myself with only the people who make me happy and support my dreams and most importantly deserve to hear my story.

– MG, Age 14

Maggie visited her Alma Mater Oak Knoll School in Summit NJ as part of the Parent Association’s Lunch and Learn Program. Maggie was a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and passionate about her program and ever professional. We had a wonderfully large parent turnout and a 100% positive response to her visit and presentation. It was great getting a chance to meet Maggie and I would highly recommend her as a presenter.

– Maggie Hariri, President of Parents’ Association

If you are a girl headed to high school and need some guidance, Maggie is your girl. Maggie came our middle school and gave a workshop on how to make the transition from Middle School to High School. As you know, change is difficult for any person but can be especially challenging for teenage girls. Her workshop on the Full Package and tips and tricks on how to choose your friends was a hit among our 8th grade girls. Our students left her workshop feeling more confident and ready to take on high school! Thank you, Maggie!

– Laura O. Graduate Support Program Director, Cornelia Connelly Center

My daughters (ages 12 and 16) have both taken Maggie’s class and both came out with smiles on their faces and saying that they would “definitely” sign up for more! Maggie is a wonderful speaker, yoga instructor and mentor to girls of all ages. With the current day stresses, Maggie is exactly what young girls need! She boosts their confidence and teaches them relaxation skills. I wish I had a Maggie in my life as a teenager!

– Michelle Meisner

Maggie did an outstanding job leading weekly guided relaxation and meditation classes at our summer camps. Her warm and reassuring manner helped open the door to the mind-body connection that most of the girls had never known existed. After being active on the field or playing games in the summer sun, the girls eagerly anticipated Maggie’s arrival and then wanted to stay with her as long as possible.

– Laura Gump, Director, Sum It Up Lacrosse

Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of my Bat Mizvah Project! It was so nice of you and all of my friends were talking in school about how they loved you and the class!

– Melanie M, 13

I really do believe that God sent Maggie to help me through my life. In her classes I feel comfortable and happy and I’m so glad I’ve met her.

– RS, Age 15

Maggie has a found a unique way to incorporate her love of dance with mentoring young women of the importance of developing both a healthy mind and body. Through her private dance lessons with Maggie, my teenage daughter has not only polished and refined her dance team techniques but more importantly she has begun to incorporate “Maggie’s Modern Mentoring” into her daily life. I know that my daughter is more conscious of everything from her eating decisions to getting enough quiet time and most importantly listening to her body when it is run down and tired.

Maggie dedicates a part of each dance lesson for a “mini-mentoring session” focusing on a specific topic of either physical or mental wellness. Each topic is reinforced with “homework” which helps develop new positive habits. As a parent it is invaluable to me to know that through Maggie’s Mentoring my daughter is developing life skills that she will take way beyond the dance floor!

– Ridgewood Mom