mentoring with MaggieEntering adulthood is notoriously challenging, but it’s trickier today more than ever. 

I mentor young women and parents to make sense of life’s changes and challenges, manage anxiety, and provide support during times you need it the most.


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When you’re mentored you get guidance from someone who’s been there, sessions you can’t wait for, and tools to thrive into adulthood. Who doesn’t want that?

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“Maggie is EVERYTHING you want someone who holds your kid’s heart, to be.” -CRK

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Meet Maggie

My little sister and I went to the same high school and college, so she was always able to watch me take on transitions right before she had to do it herself. As the family guinea pig, I wanted (and needed) guidance, so I found mentors and they changed my life.

One of my strengths is to cut through the noise, hold space for you to be yourself, and give guidance based on that. It’s an honor to connect with you!

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Photos by Maja Bakija

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