Coach with Alissa

What is life coaching / spiritual counseling?

If you’re struggling with a specific issue or are simply feeling unsure of what direction to take next in life, I can help you to identify what’s holding you back. We will work through the blocks together; changing your thoughts, creating powerful shifts, and developing a self-care practice that you can maintain on your own.

Private life coaching or spiritual counseling with me includes:

  • one-on-one specific guidance via phone or skype
  • suggested work that clients can do on their own between calls
  • email support


15 minutes • FREE

This is an opportunity to get to know each other. I tell you how life coaching/spiritual counseling works and you decide if it’s a good fit for the changes you’d like to make in your life.

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Interview with a Coaching Client

Q: What were you struggling with most before we started working together?

A: Specifically, I came to coaching for help with my relationship with food however that quickly turned to looking into my relationship with men, dating and love. I was struggling with these two things equally, although at different times and to varying degrees depending on what was going on in my life at any given time.

Q: What was your expectation for coaching with me?

A: To begin with, I didn’t really have a huge expectation, in fact, I wasn’t really sure if I would get much out of it. I have had a lot of therapy over the years, and this time I was looking for something a bit more holistic, that included the spiritual and metaphysical. This was really important as I was ready to turn these two issues over to God rather than work through them intellectually. I had hoped that your coaching would encompass these things, and it absolutely exceeded the expectations I had. Your coaching is so fantastic because it has set me up for a lifetime of doing this work even on my own and also mentoring others when they come to me for help!

Q: What was the most profound part of our coaching experience that helped you create impactful change?

A: I’ve enjoyed about working with you is you don’t necessarily let me get away with things. You’re always super loving and kind, but you are honest and help me to see where I need to change and bring forward the parts I am trying to hide. That’s really important for me, because I won’t necessarily be as honest I can be unless I’m challenged and I really appreciate being challenged to bring out the best in myself. I don’t mind a bit of confronting if it puts me on a path to healing, and you’ve been able to do that time and time again, but very gently.

Q: What has been your biggest transformation?

A: The way I view situations now. I’m far more loving and less fearful. Prior to my work with you, I would have viewed challenging situations as proof that I wasn’t good enough or whatever. I may “go there” for a day but I bounce back quickly, so that is pretty cool and I owe that to my work with you