How to Find your Soulmate

I think it’s silly to have only one day honoring┬áLOVE, so over here we’re still celebrating Valentine’s Day. I get lots of questions when it comes to relationships and today I’m sharing advice on how to find your soulmate.


The Party Series. What to do if… you’re not invited, can’t have all your friends, or invite when other

I get so many questions about parties that I thought I HAD to make a series. From not being able to invite all my friends to being left out, I’ve been through it all. Enjoy three different videos giving different party advice depending on what you’re going though! Check back in next week for the next video!

What to do if…

You can’t Invite Everyone to your Party





… If you’re Invited to a Party and your Friend Isn’t







… If you’re not Invited to a Party



What to do if you’re Unhappy with your SAT Scores

Taking the SAT can be a super stressful experience, especially when you’re disappointed with your scores. Check out this video for on how to not freak out if you didn’t get a perfect SAT score!
















How I Stopped Gossiping

Confession: I’ve gossiped. It seems that talking about people is a normal part of girl life. We text, tweet, subtweet, Instagram things about other people… even some stuff we have no idea is true or not. In this video I shared the BIG idea that changed my view of gossip!



The Ultimate Friendship Test

In this video I share how to tell if the friends in your life are building you up or bringing you down.






Don’t Make a Single New Year’s Resolution

STOP, DROP, and watch this video before you make any new year’s resolutions! Confession: New Year’s Eve is my least favorite holiday. I love new beginnings, but we take on the new year with lots of resolutions we won’t keep. In this video I share a better way to welcome in 2014!







The Life Lesson I Learned from Beyonce

If you’ve been around me, then you already know I LOVE Beyonce. Last week my sister and I saw Queen Bey at the Barclays Center and it was incredible to say the least! As I watched her I kept thinking that she must really believe in herself to have such great stage presence. Click play to hear the life lesson I learned from Beyonce.








The Best Bedtime Routine

Sleep hasn’t always come easily to me. For the longest time I struggled with falling and staying asleep… let alone waking up peaceful! This bedtime routine has totally changed my relationship to sleep. Click play to learn the secrets to a better bedtime.






What to do if you get Rejected from College

Tis the season… for college decisions. It was not long ago that I was logging onto my various accounts to see if I got into colleges. Let me tell you it was not fun when I didn’t get in. I know how painful it is not to get into a school you want to be in, but I can with absolute certainty tell you that it’s for the best. Check out the video to see my steps for handling college rejections.





Do you OUB?

Do you O-U-B? This is one of the biggest parts of my practice. OUB stands for: Out it. Use it. Bless it. Click play to hear how I use OUB in my everyday life.