How to Set School Year Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but for me, September always feels waaaay more like a fresh start than January 1st does. It’s something about the change in season that makes me want to take an inventory on what happened last year and what I’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. That’s why I always write out my resolutions in September, which I have dubbed “School Year Resolutions” (I even liked it so much I named my September group coaching after it). In this video, I share my tips for creating your own set of intentions for the upcoming year. Cheers to making it your best yet!

PS! This Saturday, September 7th, I’m going to help you set some School Year Resolutions with a little yoga at Ivivva Athletica in Ridgewood. More details here!


Yoga for Athletes

When my friend Kelly at Run FYL asked me to make a yoga video for athletes I was so down! Yoga is such a great way to work parts of our bodies that we sometimes miss when we do other kinds of activities. Plus it’s a great way to connect back into yourself (a BIG bonus in my Modern Mentoring book)! In this video I share yoga poses that are amazing for runners or any other athletes. Tight hips and quads? I gotcha covered. This 5-minute yoga circuit is awesome for runners and is great for increasing flexibility and dynamic strength. Yoga is an important cross training exercise essential to developing the “whole” athlete. Check it out below!


How to Meditate

I’m so happy to share my tips and tricks for how to meditate. Meditation has been proven to lower stress, help with anxiety, allow us to be more mindful in our everyday lives, but what I really love  is that it helps us establish a deeper inner relationship. When our world is chaotic and we all have so much going on, getting quiet allows us to root back into ourself. Meditation has changed my life and I want to share it with you! Click play to learn my tips for meditating!


What Social Media Isn’t Telling You

What you see on social media is only half the story. If you’ve ever felt left out after seeing a picture of your friends on Instagram or been upset after seeing the guy you like in a picture with someone else, you aren’t alone! In this video I discuss why we shouldn’t get upset over the things we see social media.



How to Handle Body Insecurities

I’ve been getting questions about body image lately and let me start by saying this: everyone encounters issues with how they look at one time or another. I struggled with it big time in high school especially as a dancer so I can confidently say that the tools I give you today are what I use to overcome feeling insecure about my body. Ever wonder why we even have body insecurities in the first place? In this video I share why we beat ourselves up over our looks and what we can do about it.


Why You Really Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat, but what does that really mean? In today’s video I discuss why we literally are the foods we put in our body and why we should choose the right foods to fuel us!


What to do when Someone Annoys You

In this video I share what to remember when someone is getting on your nerves. Whether it’s your friends, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend, every relationship is a mirror. It’s a reflection of yourself. Examining how you get along with the people in your life helps is a great way to start self-exploration. At the end of the day the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.


What to Do When You’ve Made the Same Mistake Twice

Last week, I had the experience of making a mistake for the SECOND time. I can’t even begin to explain how mad I was at myself. I knew better. I wanted to do better… aaaand I didn’t. Instead of continuing to beat myself up for it I used my tools and realized the lesson I needed to learn. In today’s video, I share with you what to do when you make the same mistake TWICE!



How to Get Out of Your Own Way

In this video, I share how to get out of your own way. When we recognize that WE are the only thing keeping us from being awesome, we are able to change our behavior. Click play to learn how to release what blocks you from your greatness.