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This section you’ll find resources on:

  • academic advising
  • choosing a major
  • study playlists and more!

if you’re stressed about academics head to the stress section for tools

if you’re feeling disorganized and need focus go to the productivity section for tips

study playlists 

I know that a good playlist can help you focus. Here are some of my favorite relaxing artists!

mt. fujitive


east forest

sol rising

If you feel like you need some inner clarity on what you want or where you see yourself in the next few years this is a great meditation. It guides you to meet your future self, where you can ask questions and see what you future has to say. I know it sounds weird, but, trust me, it’s super great and something I do with my students on a regular basis too!

Here is the journal exercise to go along with it as well!

Below you’ll find worksheets to help you prepare for your academic advising meeting and choosing a major. Click the photos for the worksheets.


august mentoring

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triage tips: right away help for anxiety & stress 

everything you need to know about first semester freshmen friends

a pep talk on breaking up 

extra credit pep talk mentioned in this podcast:

a pep talk on soulmates

vulnerability pep talks

When I’m in a position where I’m going to be vulnerable or am feeling a vulnerability hangover I turn to the Queen of vulnerability: Brene Brown. I’m obsessed with her. Freshman year of college requires tons of vulnerability (which can be super uncomfortable), but it’s so important in order to find that authentic connection and belonging we ALL desire. I’m sharing loads of Brene content not only because she’s brings me peace when I’m putting myself out there.

the original pep-talk

The OG Brene Brown Ted Talk that made her famous. It has over 11 million views and is always a go-to for me. Also, did I mention that Brene Brown is FUNNY!

netflix special 

Speaking of Brene Brown being funny, her Netflix talk almost reads as a comedy special because it’s so funny and relatable. It also has a game changing statement that totally shifted how I approach hard conversations in my interpersonal relationships.

goop podcast 

A conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow on leadership and vulnerability!

armchair expert 

Actor Dax Shepard chats with Brene Brown. It’s fun to have a male perspective on vulnerability. It’s a universal concept!!

Brene even has her own podcast as well!

stress & anxiety checklist 

In the podcast, 10 ways to stop anxiety before it starts I go through the anxiety help checklist and share how I implement each item!


Your mind might be focused on getting ready for school, but if you want a fun distraction here are some light, feel good reads.

Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson 

This book is so sweet. It’s a romance set in Brooklyn with a little magic sprinkled in… like Marnie can see gold sparkles when couples are a good match. There’s also a sequel called:  A Happy Catastrophe: A Novelwhich I liked as well. It was fun to jump back into this world.

welcome meditation 

This meditation is one near and dear to my heart because my mentor taught it to me. It helps me so much when I’m in anxiety.

When you’re first on campus you meet tons of people and therefore given the opportunity to be discerning about your friendships. You want friends that help bring out the most authentic parts of you. An underrated way to think about friends is to pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings tell you so much! You have to may attention to it!  Check out this worksheet for friendship guidance! 

printable pdf


november mentoring

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how to say no, leave someone out, and set boundaries with kindness 

a pep talk on being left out

extra credit pep talk podcasts: 

a pep talk on rejection

when social media causes stress

homework help 

The college workload can be something that you need to get used to and it is okay to feel like you need some guidance. Here are some ideas to help when school feels hard: 

is the course material hard?

  • go to office hours. This matters to professors! They appreciate when you show effort
  • attend a study group… bonus you might make friends!

is it just a lot? 

is it the way it’s being taught?

  • try to learn the material from someone who maybe has a different way of explaining it like going to your teacher’s assistant or going to the tutoring center

are you being hard on yourself? 

  • take a look at the 9 different kinds of intelligence and remind yourself that there are so many different ways to be smart
  • use the oracle below to see what the best way you can support yourself is right now

nine types of intelligence 

When I was in one of Master’s classes, the teacher presented us with the nine different types of intelligence and it really opened my mind. I, personally, have a story I tell myself where I tell myself I’m not smart enough and this unlocked something for me.  School sometimes only measures intelligence in certain ways, which is not the full picture. Take a look at the list below to see all the different ways to be smart. Any of them resonate? I bet so!

are you a people pleaser?


One of the ways I most like to get insight is through oracles. Whether they’re through tarot or affirmation cards, I find it really helpful to see where I’m at. Below is an oracle I created for you guys. Think of an intention or a question you’d like answered. Play the video below and randomly stop it when it feels right to you. Whatever number comes up is meant for you. Scroll down for the corresponding message.

1. patience 

Things are happening in the right way and are unfolding at the right time. You can’t mess up or miss out on what’s meant for you, but you can cut yourself a break.

2. kismet 

Fate has its eyes on you. Let go and let things happen.  Look around for synchronicities and signs you’re on the right track.

3. go for it 

Have you been afraid of doing something? Saying something? This oracle is telling you to start it, say it, do it, be it!

4. ask for help

Sometimes it can be scary to ask for help or we’re afraid to be a burden, but people are more willing to help you out then you think. Go get mentored, make an appointment with your academic advisor, phone a friend. It’s okay to ask for help.

5. clarity 

Get clear about what you want. Take some time today to journal about what it is you really want and what could be getting in your way. What is it you really desire? The world is your oyster!

6. soul connection

There’s a soul connection around you. Be open to finding someone you connect with in the most unexpected of places.

7. what sounds fun?

Stop, drop, and ask yourself, “What sounds fun?” What would make this moment better? Take a walk? Call a friend? Have a dance party? Add some levity to your life today!

8. self-care

You’ve just been granted permission to take care of yourself.  What would be the best way to care for yourself right now?

9. cool it 

Do nothing. Take a break. Go to bed early. Rest. Rest. Rest.

10. authenticity  

The world needs a little more YOU. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. When you shine, you give others permission to shine around you.

11. set an intention

Write down what you want on a piece of paper and say, “This or something better,” as you release it into the Universe.

"I see self-care as a timeless personal practice for 
carving out the space and solitude necessary for 
listening to your spirit." - Dr. Julie Von

affirmation meditation 

This meditation centers around affirming all the wonderful things about yourself especially if you’re someone who can get stuck in your own thoughts! I suggest you do if for the whole month! See what can change for you in 30 days!

Here’s a written version as well:

When I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed, a journal exercise I do is write to the kindest, most loving part of myself. Ask a question, lay out an issue, say hi to yourself, then respond like your best friend would. See what comes up for you!

printable pdf



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How you treat your body has an immense affect on your mental wellness. In this section I’m sharing the best of body balance for whatever you’re going through!

what to do when you feel insecure about your body

cycle syncing 

Cycle syncing is linking your hormonal monthly cycle with your lifestyle. It’s directly related to energy level and part of the reasons why women feel different every day because there is so much going on hormonally. Learn about cycle syncing here:


Here’s a print out for you too!

cycle syncing 

More info on cycle syncing: 

The Menstrual Phase: How to Support your Body

The Follicular Phase: How to Support your Body

The Ovulatory Phase: How to Support your Body

The Luteal Phase: How to Support your Body

some more…

Exercise and your Menstrual Cycle

What Foods to Eat During Each Week of Your Cycle for Less Annoying Periods


healthy eating hack for balance 

rule of 5

Whether you’re eating in a dining hall or living apartment style, what and how you eat can change in college. Health Coach Robyn Youkilis has a healthy hack that I follow when I feel I need more food balance. It’s called the “Rule of Five” where you make sure these five things are on your plate:

  1. greens
  2. healthy fat
  3. protein
  4. fermented food
  5. veggies

This is super easy to do and linked above if you want to learn more!


If you asked me if I work out every day the answer is NOPE, but do I move my body everyday? YES.  This is a huge mood shifter for me. My favorite way to easily move my body is to take a walk. I save podcast episodes I want to listen to as motivation. I think sometimes “working out” brings up the vision of big boot camp style classes, but moving your body can be stretching in between your classes it doesn’t have to be a big time consuming thing!

After work, my friends and I sometimes get together to take 305 dance classes for a workout hang. It’s like a giant dance party and a super fun way to hang. They offer free classes online that you can stream and do. Find a little space, bring your computer, and have a blast jumping all over the place. You also don’t need to do a dance class. You can do any kind of movement! Here are some free workouts I do:


The following content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Supplements make a  big difference in my emotional and physical health. I feel that it’s important to take care of all different aspects of your health before even leaving for college. I love  Dr. Aviva Romm for women’s health advice. Here’s what she recommends for every day health :

  • Vitamin D3 Did you know that Vitamin D can affect your mood? You get this vitamin from the sun, but usually that’s not enough.
  • Magnesium Magnesium supports healthy bones, restful sleep, relaxed muscles, and balanced mood. I take it before bed to help me fall asleep.
  • Fish oil Omega-3 fats are important for reducing inflammation, heart health, and maintaining healthy weight.
  • B Vitamins I feel that these are really important to my mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Probiotic There are studies that suggest your gut health affects your mental health so probiotics are great for balancing that.

Other supplements:

  • Nettle  I used  to take an over the counter allergy medicine that made me anxious and switched to nettle supplements. My allergies literally went away without the anxiousness. 
  • Ginger chews If you get carsick or stomach aches these are for you. I combine 3 tablespoons of powdered ginger with about 2 tablespoons (eyeball it) of honey and stir until it looks sort of like a dough. Roll them into little balls about half a tablespoon each. I took these before I went on a boat they worked! I also take when I have an upset stomach.

Again, talk to your doctor before taking supplements, but these support my physical and mental wellbeing!


Skincare is a deep part of my self-care and I wanted to share all my goods with you here too!

face masks 

I am a skincare fanatic. I’m obsessed and think that everyone needs these face masks in their self-care tool bag.

If I had to use one product for the rest of my life, it would be this one

My favorite is the Vital Hydra Solution

Perfect for getting rid of a pimple


Body Talk by Katie Sturino 

Learn to love yourself and your body with this interactive guide from the “shame-free, fun, cheerful, and no-nonsense” (Bustle) body acceptance advocate and influencer who founded Megababe beauty.

Modern Ayurveda: Rituals, Recipes, and Remedies for Balance

Ayurveda is a way of eating for health and happiness in the mind and body. This book is by my yoga teacher Ali Cramer and is where I have the Golden Milk recipe from.



february mentoring

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college dating tips: how to get the relationships you want 

handling conflict: how make confrontation easier & get outcome you’re looking for

dr. kerry cronin dating talks

Dr. Kerry Cronin is a Boston College professor who added a dating assignment to her courses (I talk about this in the podcast) . I’ve been obsessed with this talk since it came out. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s funny and meaningful… my favorite kind of lecture.

pep-talk podcasts 

Here are a few of my pep-talk podcasts on dating if you want more!

on hooking up

on being ghosted 

relationships in general 

if you’re looking for a relationship

how to throw a galentine’s day party

Every year I throw the most epic Galentine’s Day party for my girlfriends as a celebration of our friendship. It’s something I look forward to all year. What makes it extra special is we do some feel good activities to make sure everyone feels the LOVE!



This is a based on Finnish tradition I learned from my Finnish friend, adding my own Valentines spin! Underneath cups (or mugs) place various small objects. Everyone at the party gets the chance to lift a cup to reveal the object symbolizing their love life for the year to come. Below are objects I suggest putting under and what they mean.

  • penny = you will have luck in your love life
  • four-leaf clover = your lucky love month is March!
  • key = someone already has the key to your heart
  • piece of blue yarn = you will gain a loyal friend
  • piece of red yarn = happiness
  • piece of white yarn =  focus on yourself this year
  • piece of yellow yarn = your love life will be fun this year
  • ring = commitment
  • sugar cube = sweetness in your love life
  • white button = ease in your love life
  • empty cup = mystery
  • sun = you’ll fall in love during the summer
  • snowflake = you’ll fall in love in the winter
  • flower = you’ll fall in love in the spring
  • leaf= you’ll fall in love in the fall

valentine’s card:

Go old school and tape up brown paper bags with all your friends’ names on it. Print out these cards and leave them in out with pens so guests fill them out and drop them in the bags so that everyone has a party favor to take home.

printable pdf

tarot cards

At every Galentine’s Day party I pull tarot cards for my friends. Here’s an example of spreads you can do you:

lovers spread


the heart






My friend recently had us over to do our numerology (an ancient system of numbers that have meanings tied to your name and birthdate) and it was super fun and accurate! We used this book below. Even though the examples used are a little outdated, I was impressed by it. Grab the book and invite friends over to your room to read your numerology.

Glynis Has Your Number

  • What is your soul number?
  • What does your birthday say about you?
  • How can you find your soulmate through numbers?

aura photos

At one of my Galentine’s Day parties, I bought rainbow color film for my instax mini camera. When everyone came in I took a picture of them with the camera.  I made the color of their aura whatever border they got from the photo.  An aura is the color of your life force energy field around you.

I wrote out what different aura colors meant which you can get here: aura color meanings and printed them out  so all my friends could read about the color they received. Everyone LOVED this and it could be fun to do one night in your dorm!




"your heart and my heart are very old friends." - hafiz

this month is all about the  h e a r t !

I couldn’t have a month dedicated to relationships without talking about self-love! This month’s worksheet is a calendar print out where you write down one thing you love about yourself every day. If you find it challenging, I get it, I’ve been there. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one and this compliment exercise is a way to practice seeing all your good stuff.

printable pdf


march mentoring

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what to do when you feel insecure about your body

more mentoring:

when social media causes stress

when friendships drift, change, or end

essence magic 

Ever since chatting with my friend, intuitive counselor Peri Zarrella, I’ve been thinking a lot about my unique essence energy. I talk about this in the podcast and meditation too. Your essence energy is your thumbprint energy. It’s completely unique to you. When you connect to your essence it helps you live according to your truest self and there is really no greater feeling.

According to Peri:

In a physical sense, our essence is considered the core of our energetic body and it flows along our spinal column, connecting into the earth at our feet and to the universe at our crown.

Physical connection with our essence creates a stable foundation from which we can intimately interact with our life through understanding our behavioral patterns that cause us to stray from our true self.

Because our essence and the universe is energy-based, when we align into ourselves, a powerful connection is created. This connection allows us to reflect upon our experiences through an enhanced lens and helps to clarify our greater lessons.

The more time we spend strengthening the connection to our essence, the more we lean into our path, embrace our experiences with grace, and utilize our intuition as a tool to support and guide us through life.

connect to your essence: 

essence questions

  • When do you feel most like yourself?
  • Name 3 adjectives you would use to describe your 5 year-old self?
  • If you were a color what would you be?
  • What’s something you can talk about for hours?

All these questions are doorways into what makes you you!

make an essence energy playlist

when I’m feeling out of alignment I listen to my essence energy playlist

    • what songs feel like you?

make this playlist and if you ever feel like you need to connect back into yourself use music!

Here’s an episode I did with my friend Peri that you can listen to!

the informational interview for your summer internship

if you’re thinking about a summer internship something really amazing to do is to ask for an information interview. I am a huge fan of connecting this way. It’s been a total game changer when it comes to my career.

An informational interview is a chat you set up with someone you’re interested in career wise (or volunteer wise) to get to know more about the work they do. This is amazing to set up connections that could be helpful later on for internships and jobs. I’ve found people are more willing to talk to you then you would expect!

Here is an email template:


My name is YOUR NAME, a freshman at SCHOOL YOU ATTEND. I was reading about the WORK PERSON DOES, love what you’re doing, and wanted to reach out. I am INTERESTED IN _____ and currently GIVE A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON YOURSELF. I know you’re busy, but I would be grateful to connect if you had availability. I would be so appreciative of any time you could give me.


body talk by katie sturino 

Learn to love yourself and your body with this interactive guide from the “shame-free, fun, cheerful, and no-nonsense” (Bustle) body acceptance advocate and influencer who founded Megababe beauty.

"no mud, not lotus."- Thich Nhat Hanh

This month’s meditation is a gentle relaxation to help you connect to your own unique essence energy.

Sometimes when we are hard on our bodies, we forget all the things that it does it for us. This month, write one thing a day your grateful for when it comes to your body. I’ll go first:

I’m grateful for my legs because it enables me to dance

I’m grateful for for my eyes because I am able to see all the beautiful colors

I’m grateful for my arms because I am able to hug people (and dogs) that I love

Your turn!

printable pdf




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Hello from the stress section! Below are tips, tricks, and resources for moving through stress.

Actually feeling anxious? Click here.

Need focus and productivity tips? Click here.

Want to unwind? Click here.

school stress 

stack stress support

Stack stress is a term I’ve made up to describe what happens when you have a lot going on at once, put caring yourself allll the way at the bottom of your list, then one tiiiiny thing tips everything over. Sound familiar? I bet it does for many! If you’ve ever cried over feeling overwhelmed this is the episode for you. In today’s pep talk, I share 3 things you can do when you feel the pressure of stack stress.

stress tools  

Over the summer, I started having sleep issues. I’d fall asleep fine, but wake up in the middle of the night worried. Forget about being able to go back to bed. I knew I needed to do some waking hours work to process feelings and that’s how I found Dr. Sedeghi’s technique in his book The Clarity Cleanse.


  1. Grab a pen and paper
  2. Set a timer for 12 minutes
  3. Write anything and everything. Dr. Sedeghi says to write about anything that’s “disturbing your peace.” I just write whatever’s in my head.
  4. After 12 minutes, stop writing, and do not go back and read what you wrote.
  5. Burn the paper in a safe outdoor space like a driveway or patio. If you’re a college student or live in an apartment, do not burn your paper! Rip up your writing into a teeny, tiny pieces and throw it away outside not in the house.

A huge part of this exercise is that you do not go back and read what you wrote. You are not trying to ruminate or get into a loop thought. It’s about getting stress out.

Some extra major mentor tips!

  • Do this exercise at the same time everyday. I do it right when I wake up. If you wanted to use it before you go to bed that would be good too.
  • A timer tip: I play meditation music, ambient sounds, or piano music when I write and set my timer to “stop playing” to signal the end. After 12 minutes instead of a jarring ring or beep, the music just stops playing to let me know it’s time to move on.
  • After 12 minutes stop writing. You’ve done it. You’ve completed what you need to complete; then immediately burn or throw out the paper. I LOVE this part. I can say whatever I want and burning it really lets it go for me.  It truly gives me freedom to say whatever it is that I need to say.
  • **extra credit** I think it would be a really great idea to do a meditation after the writing exercise like this grounding practiceor an acceptance meditation.

You just kind of spew out all the things you have to get done. Anything weighing heavy on your heart you just let out on the paper. I’ve been doing it every morning and can attest to it’s magic.

life stress 

social media stress 


When I’m feeling stress & anxiety come on, I check out this checklist to double down on my efforts to feel good.

In the podcast, 10 ways to stop anxiety before it starts I go through the anxiety help checklist and share how I implement each item!

the ick list: a procrastination pep talk 

Do you procrastinate? Sometimes procrastination can be a nervous system defense mechanism related to fear. This is okay because when we acknowledge what’s happening, we can shift ourselves.

If you feel stressed around all you have to do or are someone who tends to put things off, I’ve got a mentor tip for you. It’s to create what I call an “ick list,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Find out how to make one, what to do with it, and how it can relieve stress like magic in the pep talk below.

printable pdf


december mentoring

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how to know if you should transfer

how to pick the best sophomore year roommate

study playlist 

Finding the right vibe when you’re trying to get work done is important so I made a playlist to help you get into the study groove.

roommate quiz 

when you’re picking your roommate for sophomore year, it’s really helpful to know what kind of roommate you are. Take the quiz below to figure out how you’d describe yourself a roommate.

After you take this quiz, what’s really important to you here? What’s a dealbreaker?  What can you let go of? What would disturb your wellbeing?

Liked this quiz and want to get to know yourself more? check out june’s mentoring for personality quizzes.

questions to consider if you’re thinking of transferring 

  1. What do you want to change about your college experience?
  2. What’s your intention behind transferring? What’s the motivation?
  3. What do you hope to get from transferring? 
  4. Is the problem external or internal?

from my public channel:

thinking of transferring? listen to this first

w o r d   s c r a m b l e 

 Look at the word scramble below and the first three words you find are your three words for the month!

printable pdf

This meditation is a wish setting meditation. Perfect for the magic of December.

I’ve been doing this particular journal exercise for YEARS with my students and myself. It is so easy to think, “I don’t even know what happened this past year!” so this serves as a yearly inventory of what happened for you!

Take a look at this yearly calendar. Write down the big events that happened to you in the months that they occurred. Some events can include:

  • when you chose a college
  • high school graduation
  • starting college
  • trips you took
  • your birthday
  • any significant milestones for you (positive or negative)
  • joining any groups on campus
  • getting a new summer job

When you’re done, make sure that you take in all your growth!

printable pdf


april mentoring

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when social media causes stress

how to bio hack your productivity

what’s on your feed? 

Who we follow online becomes part of world and we want to make sure we follow and take in content that feels really good.

who are do you want to hang out with?

  • are there accounts that make you feel less than?
  • are there accounts that make you compare?
  • are there accounts that make you wish you looked different?

Any of these can get an unfollow or a mute.

cycle syncing 

Did you like the cycle syncing podcast? Here’s a print out as well as more information from Alissa Vitti:


Did you like the cycle syncing podcast? Here’s more information from Alissa Vitti:

The Menstrual Phase: How to Support your Body

The Follicular Phase: How to Support your Body

The Ovulatory Phase: How to Support your Body

The Luteal Phase: How to Support your Body

some more…

Exercise and your Menstrual Cycle

What Foods to Eat During Each Week of Your Cycle for Less Annoying Periods


untamed by glennon doyle

This book is a cult favorite in self-help circles. It’s little essays on trusting ourselves, set boundaries, and living our most truthful life. I’ve loved all of Glennon’s books, but this one is really great. It can also be used as an oracle where you just flip to a chapter to see what you need for that day.


"keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." - Mary Oliver

Enjoy this relaxing intention setting meditation. It also goes really well with the journal exercise.

Picking a major can feel overwhelming so I wanted to share some clarity questions for figuring out what you might want to do after college. These are questions I talk about with my student as well as what I wish I had been asked in college. I was an English major, but now I wish I did Marketing or Social Work!

printable pdf


june mentoring

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 3 ways to make the college transition easier 

the freshman roommate search

worried about the future? a pep talk on overthinking

A big Maggie mentoring principle is self-love, which I believe starts with getting to know yourself so I’m sharing all my favorite personality and strength quizzes; even an astrology chart to help you get to know all different parts of yourself!

g e t   t o   k n o w   y o u r s e l f   q u i z z e s

The purpose of the Myers-Briggs test is to identify psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. I am an ENFJ!

The Enneagram is a personality test with 9 Enneagram types that have a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting which arise from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. Hello, Type Two’s.

This is an important one to me because it’s rooted in positive psychology, the study of what goes right in people!  It’s show that the more you use your strengths the happier you are so pay attention to your top five.

Or are you both???

How do you give and receive love? This quiz shows you your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect and deepen your relationships with others.

A birth chart is a snapshot of where ALL the planets were at the time you were born. You know when you read your horoscope and they just talk about you being one sign? That’s your sun sign and there’s actually so much more to it. Very fun to look at. It’s a lot of info so I normally focus on the sun (your identity), rising (how you show up in the world), and your moon (emotional nature).

mentor foundations 

ritualizing your inner practices 

A ritual is an act you do routinely, but is different from a habit because of the intention and consciousness you put behind it.  These can be an important tool during transition because they help ground you when things change. Developing a ritual for yourself can be a huge act of self-care and a way to feel solid during transition.

ritual tips: 

start small

Create a ritual that’s manageable. If you’re not a morning person don’t plan something in the morning. Don’t make your ritual to run 5 miles if you don’t like to run.  Rituals require discipline, but should not be torture.

set yourself up to win

Make a plan. If you’re going to make your ritual meditation, plan out which one you want to do. If your ritual is to do a face mask every Sunday make sure you have masks. Set reminders. Put it in your schedule.

ideas for rituals (I like to ritual my inner practices):

Notice that some of these are mind, body, soul balance suggestions? Basically anything can be a ritual if you put intention to support and love yourself behind it. Rituals are done with reverence and as an act of self-care. Here’s a podcast episode where I talk you through it as well:

book shelf 

28 Summers Elin Hilderbrand 

It wouldn’t be summer without a beach read especially from Elin Hilderbrand, who is their queen.  

This is a heart pulling love story that I couldn’t put down. It’s not totally upbeat, so if you need something lighter check out the full mentor book shelf here. This is the kind of book to pick up if you want to get lost in a story. 

why worry?
what is meant for you
is always meant 
to find you.
-Tosha Silver

One of my go-to, stress-less practices is meditation. Meditation is all kinds of good for you, but I really love the feeling of being able to just chill out. This is a short meditation to get you into the practice. I like to do this daily reflection right before bed!

Figuring out the whole “where you’re going to college” thing can trump the “finishing the whole high school” thing. Before we start anything new, it’s good to acknowledge the past. Take a minute to reflection on your high school story and make room

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