may mentoring

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how to be happy: long term strategies for wellness 

…more coming soon! 


Do you procrastinate? Sometimes it can be a nervous system defense mechanism related to fear. This is okay because when we acknowledge what’s happening, we can shift ourselves.

If you feel stressed around all you have to do or are someone who tends to put things off, I’ve got a mentor tip for you. It’s to create what I call an “ick list,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Find out how to make one, what to do with it, and how it can relieve stress like magic in the pep talk below.

summer salad hack 

I’m from the east coast, so fresh vegetables for salads always becomes more available in the spring and summer and I therefore wanted to share how to make a salad you will actually want to eat.

how to make a salad you will actually want to eat

As someone on the East Coast, summer means lots of fruits or veggies that aren’t as fresh during the winter. I hesitated to even include salad hacks in the self-care share, but I feel like they’ve ben so game changing to me I wanted to share!

make your own dressing. *this is the key to everything** It makes salads 100 times better and takes truly no time. I do something like 1/3 cup olive oil,  squeeze half a lemon, 1 tablespoon of mustard,  a tablespoon of honey, salt and pepper. This changes the WHOLE salad and (in my opinion) better for you. 

use a big bowl. Mixing a salad in a tiny bowl is the worst. Give yourself the treat of a nice big bowl.

pick one thing sweet (like apple or cranberries) and one thing savory (nuts).

chop everything the same size.  This is a preference I have. My dad even makes a Maggie salad, which means everything is chopped the same size. I care about texture! I am also a fan of chopping extra nuts, onions, cheese, etc and using it during the week.

include something crunchy. I roast nuts because they’re infinitely better this way.  It takes like two minutes to do.  Just lay pecans or walnuts on a baking sheet and heat until you can smell them. They burn kind of fast so be careful.

enjoy your finished product… a salad you actually want to eat!

pep talk playlist

I always feels like the theme of outgrowing comes up more after we go through something transitional and transformative like freshman year so wanted to share this pep talk if you’re feeling it!

on outgrowing 

summer wellness 

In the summer I always get an urge for an afternoon ice coffee hit me.  As a coffee lover, this isn’t unfamiliar, but I also know that too much caffeine can up anxiety. Does this happen to you? It’s one of the first things I take out when I feel anxiety creep in.

I’m always trying to maintain foundational wellness so I can handle shifts in my life and a big part of that is what I put in my body. This is where my new summer drink comes in. One of my favorite things is to get something pre-made and take it next level in the easiest way possible. I share these “recipes” in my online memberships too.

This is where the half tea & half lemon spindrift comes into play. Now black tea has a little bit of caffeine in it, but it’s a very small amount—a whole 12oz can contains less caffeine than 2oz of coffee.

What I do though is add lemon, mint, and the one I’m drinking right now has ginger. Now, these additions not only taste good, but they’re good for you too. According to herbalist Robin Rose Bennett these are the properties in the additions:

Mint: rich in antioxidants and great for digestion

Lemon: is immune protective, cooling, and antiseptic

Ginger: (not pictured) but: anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic

What I do is muddle the mint right in the glass to release the oils from the leaves. Add ice, stir, then squeeze in the lemon. Stir again and there you go. Highly recommend!

Also, the ice roller in the first picture above is by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick who is our book of the month as well. I love this roller because I always have such bad allergies and this helps soothes my puffy eyes!


The Skinny Confidential’s Get the F*ck Out of the Sun: Routines, Products, Tips, and Insider Secrets from 100+ of the World’s Best Skincare Gurus

This book is full of great skin care tips from all different experts and influencers. It’s also really pretty which I loved too. I’m a fan of Lauryn in general. The “how to plan your day” printable is based on her day planner too.

"you were encoded with irreplaceable genius and born from unrepeatable chemistry. don't waste it." 
- Marie Forleo

… coming soon! 

Can you believe you’re done with your freshman year? This journal exercise is dedicated to thinking about how far you’ve come. Do you feel differently than you did last spring? How much have you grown? Take some time to reflect below.

end of freshman year


january mentoring

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what to do when you’re blue

on hooking up and intimacy 

new years rituals 

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but I am a big fan of rituals for welcoming in the new.

when in doubt throw it out 

You probably acquired some new stuff over the holidays so it makes sense to let go of some of the old to make way for the new.

pick a word for the year 

Choose a word to theme your year. Take a look at the list below and see if any words jump out at you.

  • joy
  • connection
  • peace
  • warmth
  • fun
  • partnership
  • gentleness
  • openness
  • nourishment
  • ease

write down what you’d like to let go of from the previous year then let it go

Anything you want to leave in the past year? Write it down, rip it up, and throw it out!

a writing technique for shifting stress 

Over the summer of 2020, I started having sleep issues. I’d fall asleep fine, but wake up in the middle of the night worried. Forget about being able to go back to bed. I knew I needed to do some waking hours work to process feelings and that’s how I found Dr. Sedeghi’s technique in his book The Clarity Cleanse.

This practice, called purge emotional writing, helps you move out of worry and overwhelm and into calm and clarity. Bonus: it only takes 12 minutes.


  1. Grab a pen and paper
  2. Set a timer for 12 minutes
  3. Write anything and everything. Dr. Sedeghi says to write about anything that’s “disturbing your peace.” I just write whatever’s in my head.
  4. After 12 minutes, stop writing, and do not go back and read what you wrote.
  5. Rip up your writing into a teeny, tiny pieces and throw it away outside not in the house.

A huge part of this exercise is that you do not go back and read what you wrote. You are not trying to ruminate or get into a loop thought. It’s about getting stress out.

Some extra major mentor tips!

  • Do this exercise at the same time everyday. I do it right when I wake up. If you wanted to use it before you go to bed that would be good too.
  • A timer tip: I play meditation music, ambient sounds, or piano music when I write and set my timer to “stop playing” to signal the end. After 12 minutes instead of a jarring ring or beep, the music just stops playing to let me know it’s time to move on.
  • After 12 minutes stop writing. You’ve done it. You’ve completed what you need to complete; then immediately throw out the paper. I LOVE this part. I can say whatever I want and throwing it out really lets it go for me.  It truly gives me freedom to say whatever it is that I need to say.
  • **extra credit** I think it would be a really great idea to do a meditation after the writing exercise like this grounding practiceor an acceptance meditation.

This ritual is PERFECT if you’re swamped with work. You just kind of spew out all the things you have to get done. Anything weighing heavy on your heart you just let out on the paper. I love this exercise and can attest to it’s magic.

** PS I’m a huge fan of having cute notebooks for my thoughts. The ones in the picture above are Mintra, but I googled pastel notebooks and pastel highlighters and voila!


Modern Ayurveda: Rituals, Recipes, and Remedies for Balance

Ayurveda is a way of eating for health and happiness in the mind and body. This book is by my yoga teacher Ali Cramer and includes the recipe for golden milk I mention in the pep talk podcast.

respect where you are. - Alessandra Olanow

This month we have a meditation that guides us to a visit with our future selves and get advice on how to get from where we are right now to where we want to be.

After your done with the meditation, use this worksheet to write down what you saw:


printable pdf


october mentoring

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how to plan your day 

anxiety after drinking? the emotional impact of substances

hosting hangs

In one of my Master’s classes a professor mentioned the power of a “third thing” when running groups with others. A big part of mental wellness is community. We ALL need connection. You might not have your regular crew yet and these are some ways to get people to hang out without it being awkward!

food  hang   

I don’t know if you have access to a kitchen, but whenever I host a party I make these brown butter rice crispie treats. **these are a crew (and boyfriend) favorite** recipe here. You can also make them and bring them to a common room and see what new friends you make.

I also make What’s Gaby Cooking’s Christmas chex mix  for the parties I throw. You don’t have to make it holiday related though! All  the “cooking” you need to do is to melt chocolate which you can do in a microwave.

nail  hang

It is easier to hang out with new people when you have something to do… that’s why I suggest a painting your nails. Sometimes asking someone to hang out can feel like a lot, but if you do it around a low key activity it can be a lot easier.

nail party

I’m obsessed with the nail brand Olive and June. I love this brand and also painting my nails has become a ritual for me. They have a ton of how-to videos on their instagram so you can check them out with your friends for the hang then get to painting your nails. The have fun stickers too!

A bonus to this:

I love learning about and from women who have started their own business and one of those is Sarah Gibson Tuttle who created Olive and June. You can listen to a podcast that the founder was on here:

Second Life Podcast with Sarah Gibson Tuttle 

 dance hang 

After work, my friends and I sometimes get together to take 305 dance classes for a workout hang. It’s like a giant dance party and a super fun way to hang. They offer free classes online that you can stream and do. Find a little space, bring your computer, and have a blast jumping all over the place. You also don’t need to do a dance class. You can do any kind of movement!

 how to plan your day extra credit

In the “how to plan your day” pod, I talk about inner practices and cycle synching so here’s some additional info on those!

Need some ideas for inner practices? I got your back!

Here’s a little cheat sheet on knowing your energy levels during your cycle:

here’s the pep talk on cycle syncing as well:


The following content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

I’m a big believer in the mind/body connection and part of that for me is making sure that I have the right vitamins and minerals. I highly recommend consulting a naturopath or doctor about supplements because not all are created equally and you need to know what’s right for you, but here are some to consider from Dr. Aviva Romm  women’s health expert. Here’s what she recommends for every day health:

  • Vitamin D3 Did you know that Vitamin D can affect your mood? You get this vitamin from the sun, but usually that’s not enough.
  • Magnesium Magnesium supports healthy bones, restful sleep, relaxed muscles, and balanced mood. I take it before bed to help me fall asleep.
  • Fish oil Omega-3 fats are important for reducing inflammation, heart health, and maintaining healthy weight.
  • B vitamins I feel that these are really important to my mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Probiotic There are studies that suggest your gut health affects your mental health so probiotics are great for balancing that.

Other supplements I recommend include:

if you get stomaches:

  • Ginger chews If you get carsick or stomachaches these are for you. I combine 3 tablespoons of powdered ginger with about 2 tablespoons (eyeball it) of honey and stir until it looks sort of like a dough. Roll them into little balls about half a tablespoon each. I took these before I went on a boat they worked! I also take when I have an upset stomach.

if you have allergies:

  • Nettle  I used  to take an over the counter allergy medicine that made me anxious and switched to nettle supplements. My allergies literally went away without the anxiousness.

Again, talk to your doctor before taking supplements, but these support my physical and mental wellbeing!

Additional Aviva Romm articles: 

An MD’s Natural Approaches for Reducing Anxiety

The Top Daily Supplements for Women at Every Age 

"Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder." 
- Rumi

In this meditation, I guide you through intention setting.

how to plan your day

printable pdf


july mentoring

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on fighting with your parents before you leave for college 

dorm energy: how to decorate your room with joy 

packing the mentor way: a tip for an emotional head start

cleaning out questions: 

Some of the questions I suggest you ask yourself  in this pep talk are:

  1. Is this my style? 
  2. Does this feel like me?
  3. Does this make me happy 

If the answer is “no,” it’s okay to let it go. It’s also really normal for the questions to feel a little confusing too. Our stuff can hold emotions and it’s okay to have things come up. It’s all part of the process!

Moving is a big transition even for your STUFF. Your dorm room becomes your bedroom, office, and living room space all at once so taking some time to feel out what you’d like your space to be like is worth it.

aesthetics of joy   

this is the TedTalk about the aesthetics of joy that I talk about in the podcast this month

favorite mind, body, soul dorm products 

I’m not a dorm room decorator, but I do believe in your space being a reflection of you. I wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I love having in my life and can help bring some peace to you.

affirmation decks 

I love affirmation decks! I use them with my students all the time. First I center myself. Then I ask an open ended question like, “What do I need to know about my friendships? What can help with [insert problem here]. What do I need to know today?” Then I pull a card and see how it relates to my inquiry! YOu can do the same!

stasher bags

These silicon sandwich bags are my favorite. I use them to store my snacks. I use them for organization. I use them for my beauty products when I travel. They are literally the best.

face masks 

I am a skincare fanatic. I’m obsessed with these face masks and think that everyone needs them in their self-care tool bag.

If I had to use one product for the rest of my life, it would be this one

My favorite is the Vital Hydra Solution

Perfect for getting rid of a pimple

Below is a printable self-care packing list. I want to help you stock your dorm with items that will help balance your mind, body, and soul.

packing list

diffuser guide

Dorm rooms can smell super stale so making your own diffuser with specific scents can help you not only have a cuter smelling dorm room, but can assist your mental wellness.

make your own diffuser:

what you’ll need:

    • A bottle
    • Essential oils
    • Distilled water
    • Unscented witch hazel

Fill your bottle 1/2 with witch hazel and 1/2 with distilled water then add 25-30 drops of your essential oil. If you use a spray bottle you have room spray. If you want to add reed sticks (you can find them on Amazon) to an open bottle you’ll have a room diffuser.

Below are a few herbs and what their scents can do for your well-being. I follow herbalist Robin Rose Bennett for all my green witch needs.

when you need to sleep

      • lavender

“Lovely lavender calms the nervous system, heals burns on the skin, and disinfects harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. This will not only act as a disinfectant, it will smell lovely and bring a peaceful vibration into your home.” – Robin Rose Bennett

when you’re stressed

      • chamomile
      • rose

“The rose is widely recognized as the inimitable symbol of beauty and love. Its lush petals, majestic arrangement and vivid colors, particularly the classic red rose, evoke sensuality and romanticism, making it a popular ornamental flower and age-old subject of reverence in art, literature, and mythology. The rose is also a highly valued herb in traditional and modern herbal medicine. And, of course, the rose’s sweet fragrance is a staple in aromatherapy, used to relieve anxiety and depression and promote feelings of well-being.” – Robin Rose Bennett

when you need energy

      • lemongrass
      • orange
      • peppermint

The way I use these essential oils is to put two drops in the palm of  my hands, rub them together then I cup my hands bringing them up to my mouth and nose to take a few deep breaths in and out.


joyful: the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness

This is the book Ingrid Fetell Lee wrote about the aesthetics of joy that I talk about in the podcast.

It's important to take advice from people who have what you want because otherwise people are just guessing. 
- Mastin Kipp

This month’s meditation is on… you guessed it, letting go. As you let go of things you don’t need to make room for your new college stuff, we’re going to do the same with your mind!

printable pdf



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life chat books 

untamed by glennon doyle

I feel like this book went viral. I really loved it, but it can be heavy at times. It’s made up essays so you can definitely take it slow to try to absorb all the lesson.

It’s a non-fiction story of how each of us “can begin to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, honor our anger and heartbreak, and unleash our truest, wildest instincts so that we become women who can finally look at ourselves and say: There She Is.”

big magic by elizabeth gilbert

Big Magic by Liz Gilbert takes you through musings on creativity and inspiration. I feel like this book could be good to get on audio book and listen while you walk.

maybe you should talk to someone by lori gottlieb

Lori Gottlieb is a therapist who after a break up writes about her own journey in therapy while also interweaving stories of her patients in her private practice.. This book makes you think about your own life, see your own struggles differently, and looks at what it really means to be human.

The Skinny Confidential’s Get the F*ck Out of the Sun: Routines, Products, Tips, and Insider Secrets from 100+ of the World’s Best Skincare Gurus

This book is full of great skin care tips from all different experts and influencers. I got so many good tips in here. It’s also really pretty which I loved too. I’m a fan of Lauryn in general. The “how to plan your day” printable is based on her day planner too.

body talk by katie sturino 

This book is a legit fun read on a sometimes hard topic. It’s also super joyful to look at with its cute art and interactive guides.  The author, Katie Sturino, is the founder of Megababe beauty so it’s fun to hear from a body positive expert who is really in the space.

joyful: the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness by ingrid fetell lee

This is the book Ingrid Fetell wrote about the aesthetics of joy that I talk about in the podcast around decorating your dorm room. It has all these tips for how to find joy in your everyday life. Warning that it does move a little slow, but I think it has really interesting information. I listened on audiobook.

spirituality books


outrageous openness by tosha silver

This is a book I return to over and over again. It a series of warm, funny essays about how life always works out. It’s great to use as an oracle too. Think of a topic you want insight on and open to any page of the book for guidance.  I can’t recommend this one enough.

glynis has your number 

One day my friend had me and another friend over to do our numerology and it was so fun. We used this book and even though the examples felt outdated, it was still insightful. Great for a little girls’ night.


the Elin Hilderbrand section


28 Summers Elin Hilderbrand 

Elin Hilderbrand is labeled the Queen of the Beach Read, but her books are so much more than that. This is a heart pulling love story and I loved getting lost in it. Read it if you feel like a cry. It’s about a secret love affair that lasts for decades and you follow the characters through their 28 summers together.


Golden Girl

A murder mystery! Author and mom of three, Vivian Howe, is killed in a hit-and-run car accident jogging near her home on Nantucket. From a purgatory like “Beyond” she’s able to watch what happens below for one last summer where she’s also granted three “nudges” to change the outcome of events on earth. There are so many layers to this book and although the topic is a little grim, it’s not too heavy!

the blue bistro

This book will make you hungry! After being robbed by her ex-boyfriend, Adrienne Dealey decides to make Nantucket home and gets a job at the hottest restaurant (even though she has no experience) for it’s final season.  There’s a mystery. There’s a love story. I listened on audiobook and it was great, but I would re-read this one too!

feel good fiction 

matchmaking for beginners by maddie dawson 

THIS IS SO CUTE! If you need a feel good read grab this! Marnie MacGraw has the ability to see when people are a good match. It kicks off when she meets Blix Holliday, her fiancé’s matchmaking great-aunt who’s dying, and everything changes—just as Blix told her it would.  It’s a book that feels sprinkled with magic.

a happy catastrophe by maddie dawson 

The sequel! It was so fun to jump back into this world! It takes place in Brooklyn if you like a NYC setting.

make you think fiction 

midnight library

Trigger warning for suicide.

When Nora Seed attempts to take her life, she finds herself in the Midnight library with the possibility of trading in her life for a new one.  You see her play out different paths her life could take as she searches for fulfillment. This is a bestselling worldwide phenomenon and when I finished it, I understood why.



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pep talks on confidence: 

confidence vs competence: a pep talk on putting yourself out there

one tweak that can improve your confidence, friendships, romantic life, and your body

how to figure out what you’re good at 

how to get people to like you 

success tip: personal board of advisors

self-care share

vulnerability pep talks 

Brene Brown always helps me when I need a boost of confidence and she comes from the belief that vulnerability is a strength.

start here: 

the original pep-talk

The OG Brene Brown Ted Talk that made her famous. It has over 11 million views and is always a go-to for me. Also, did I mention that Brene Brown is FUNNY!

then this: 

netflix special 

Speaking of Brene Brown being funny, her Netflix talk almost reads as a comedy special because it’s so funny and relatable. It also has a game changing statement that totally shifted how I approach hard conversations in my interpersonal relationships.

if  you want more: 

goop podcast 

A conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow on leadership and vulnerability!

armchair expert 

Actor Dax Shepard chats with Brene Brown. It’s fun to have a male perspective on vulnerability. It’s a universal concept!!

Brene even has her own podcast as well!

meditations for confidence 

journal exercise 

Our February worksheet is a calendar print out where you write down one thing you love about yourself every day. If you feel like you need a confidence boost this would be a great place to start. Sometimes it can feel challenging to find things to love about yourself. I get it. I’ve been there. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one and this compliment exercise is a way to practice seeing all your good stuff.


september mentoring

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 a pep talk on rejection

a pep talk for when you’re homesick 

academic advising worksheet

Academic advisors can be a really helpful part of your college experience if you know what to ask. Print out this worksheet so you can know exactly what to ask to make the most of your meeting.

printable pdf

comfort tv, books, and podcasts  

Need a soothing distraction? Try one of these feel good options:

tv & movies 

Ted Lasso

Schitt’s Creek

Good Witch


Outrageous Openness – Tosha Silver

I love this book because it’s little stories about how things always work out

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

An upbeat book about the power of creativity.


Speaking of Liz Gilbert, my sister and I love this podcast episode with her.

r u l e   o f   f i v e 

Whether you’re eating in a dining hall or living apartment style, what and how you eat can change in college. Health Coach Robyn Youkilis has a healthy hack that I follow when I feel I need more food balance or feel like I don’t know where to start. It’s super easy and called the “Rule of Five.” All it is, is to make sure sure these five things are on your plate:

  1. greens
  2. healthy fat
  3. protein
  4. fermented food
  5. veggies

This is super easy to do and linked above if you want to learn more!

"You are the sky. Everything 
else, it's just the weather." 
- Pema Chodrom

An essential element of self-care is sleep, which can be hard to come by for college students. This month’s meditation is a yoga nidra relaxation meditation for sleep!

When we’re busy, self-care can be the first thing to go out the window, BUT that’s when we NEED it the MOST. This month’s worksheet is the habit tracker I use to see what I actually keep up with! I like this visual method (rather an app) so I can get a whole view of what worked for this month and where I maybe want to make shifts.

I separated these out into 3 categories: (inner) practice, meditation, and workouts. Write the dates in the boxes on the date completed. At the end of the month, see what you’ve stuck with!

printable pdf