first ever ask me anything episode

Frequently Asked Mentor Questions

This is my first ever ask me anything episode! I took questions from my students, instagram, and FAQ to answer in this pep talk. We chat mentorship, anxiety, dealing with parents, friend questions, and much more! I had so much fun with this one!!

0:36 – what made you get into this kind of work

1:43 – do you talk to mentors?

2:59 – what’s the difference between mentoring and therapy?

3:45 – if I could only give one piece of advice to college students what would it be?

4:17 – how can I help my anxiety?

4:54 – how to deal with parents over the winter break?

5:45 – how to handle a friend break up?

6:56 – what advice do you have for a recent grad looking for a job in this climate?

8:11 – what college did you go to?

8:18 – what do you do in your free time?

8:51 – how long have you been mentoring for?