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Hi, I’m Maggie!

With a passion for being a big sister, I created the Modern Mentor as a wellness resource for girls! Click away and learn how to de-stress and be happy!

If you are a girl headed to high school and need some guidance, Maggie is your girl. Maggie came our middle school and gave a workshop on how to make the transition from Middle School to High School… Her workshop on the Full Package and tips and tricks on how to choose your friends was a hit among our 8th grade girls. Our students left her workshop feeling more confident and ready to take on high school!

– Laura O. Graduate Support Program Director, Cornelia Connelly Center




Build confidence with like-minded girls during our #HangIns, Workshops, & more!

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School, Girls Scout & Private Programs

Bring a wellness workshop to your school or organization!

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One-on-One Mentoring

Feel like you need a little one-on-one time? I got you!

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