how to intention set for the new year (after the craziness of 2020)

a non-resolution ritual for the new year

Want to plan out 2021, but don’t dig resolutions and still feel like you’re processing 2020? Same, same, so I’m sharing an exercise to help you work backwards. Imagine you’re looking back on your life from December 31, 2021. What do you see for yourself? Today’s pep talk is part creative visualization and part clarity exercise. In order to call in the things we want into our lives, we have to get clear about what it is we’re actually looking for and this exercise will help you do exactly that. 

I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I find that people write down all these things that they want to improve or change and by the third week of January everything is out the window… however, I am someone that loves a ritual. I did this for myself already and I really loved it and wanted to share.


Printable pdf here:  New Year Clarity Exercise.