we know we should meditate because it’s supposed to be good for us, but how do we actually do it and stick with it? today’s episode I share my low bar meditation practice including the songs I use, which is a big part of my whole experience. it’s one of my most favorite ways to self-care. if you’re someone who needs to stress less, just wants to feel more connected, or loves savasana this is a good episode for you.

Did you know social media is designed to be addicting? Whether you love it or hate it; it’s a part of our lives and can have real life impact on mood and confidence. In this episode, I chat about the story you’re creating about yourself online, the inauthenticity of the interwebs, and more!

a pep-talk on being ghosted! if you’ve ever been ghosted (and felt confused or bad about it) this episode is for you. I chat ghosting, what it really means, how it’s actually a good thing, and I share my best (and hardest) relationship advice. also! you can be ghosted in a job situation/ friendships so I got your back and covered those too!

afraid to go after the things that you want? I get it. Today’s episode is all about putting yourself out there. We talk about how **not** putting yourself out there gets you the result you’re afraid of anyway, how to make new friends (including ideas for a hang), and networking vulnerability with the college to corporate crowd.

if you’re sitting at college thinking, “this is the best and worst thing ever… ” you are right on track. This episode covers the million opposing feelings of being on a college campus, social media and mental wellness, and relating to your parents differently (like figuring what you actually want to share or not). Enjoy the episode!

Anyone have the back-to-school scaries? In this episode, I talk about how anxiety and excitement are two sides of the same coin. We dig deep into how transition is like updating your phone… and what it means to set school year resolutions.







There are a lot of different topics when it comes to dating/relationships so this is an overview of relationships in general! I chat about the vulnerability it takes to be in relationships, share my own vulnerability stories (even though it’s hard!), how authenticity plays in, and, of course, the Boston College dating assignment.

Today’s pep talk is about friends! Making friends at any age can be confusing and although I feel really lucky with my girl gang now, it wasn’t always the case! In this episode, I share my own friendship story and the tools to create fulfilling relationships.

Today’s pep-talk is on the myth of the freshman 15. My friend Erin says, “If you want to know about a person and how they treat themselves, pay attention to how they feed themselves.” There are so many changes that happen in college including how you eat. What if we thought about food relating to self-love? This episode is centered around how we nourish ourselves!

I’m joined by nurse practitioner Julia Huff to talk about women’s health! We chat honestly about anxiety, pms, symptoms you might not expect, how to self-care, and more! It’s like a chat with your best girlfriend, who knows a lot about the body so you can ask all your embarrassing questions.

coming home from college is always awesome at first, until the loss of freedom sinks in! this episode is about surviving summer, balancing your school self with your home self, and what to do if you feel you’ve outgrown things.

self-care can be a wellness buzzword, but what does it actually mean to care for yourself? this is important because for many girls, college is the first time you are actually living on your own. check out today’s episode for tips on college campus self-care!

do you have a personal board of advisors? just like a business has a board of directors to consult on the growth and well-being of a company, a mentor is part of creating an inner circle for your own personal success. in this episode, I’m chatting about mentorship and why all college students need a personal cheerleader.

An intro to Maggie and what it means to be a professional big sister