Maggie has an incredible talent for seeing any situation through a different lens. Anything that is troubling you, she is able to listen, understand how you are approaching it, and help you think about it from a different angle. It’s amazing what a fresh perspective from someone so insightful, mindful, intelligent, and creative can do!! She understands being in a stressful spot and how sometimes it’s hard to think rationally, so she always knows what to say to help you take back control of yourself. My favorite Maggie quote is “everything you need is already inside of you!”

– Kelly, 20

I didn’t think I needed advice on school or friends or relationships, and I didn’t want to be preached to about the normal things most teenagers are lectured on by the usual high school guidance counselors. But [Maggie’s sessions were] completely different than I imagined…I found myself looking forward to every Saturday when I could go and have some “Maggie time”.

– Margo, 16

I met Maggie in the prime of my adolescence when I was too young to know who I was or who I wanted to be. Anyone who remembers adolescence remembers, or can at least recognize, the youthful stubbornness to about almost everything. However, Maggie’s enthusiasm to mentor and support me never budged. She was honest, realistic, and very specific, when I had hoped she wouldn’t be, but also shined light on the “ups” of any situation when I’d fail to realize they even existed. I am now a junior in college, and today I view life and hardships with confidence. I owe this outlook to the many leaders I’ve encountered, but most importantly, Maggie. Furthermore, today I have a much greater understanding of who I am and who I want to become, and I thank Maggie for having a role in that as well; for being a genuine role-model and for providing unconditional support through my highs and lows.

Maggie is a woman of bright spirits and her energy is simply and positively contagious; just as a breath of fresh air.

– Natalie, 20

Your own friends are always there to listen/support, but talking to Maggie, who is incredibly educated in how to REALLY hear what someone is saying and counsel them, was helpful on a whole other level.

– MB

Maggie is not only a professional big sister but over time it feels as if she actually is your big sister. The advice she gives and the different perspectives she has, not only on problems, but just everyday life is so eye opening. I have suggested her to many people and encourage people who are thinking about it to just do it because I promise there will be no regrets!!

– Maddy, 15

Once in a while someone comes along who is wise beyond their years. Maggie is ambitious, bright, and fresh. With these qualities she is the perfect role model, motivating and inspiring the young people of today.

– Amy Pastore, Creator of iflow Yoga

If you are a girl headed to high school and need some guidance, Maggie is your girl. Maggie came our middle school and gave a workshop on how to make the transition from Middle School to High School… Her workshop on the Full Package and tips and tricks on how to choose your friends was a hit among our 8th grade girls. Our students left her workshop feeling more confident and ready to take on high school!

– Laura O. Graduate Support Program Director, Cornelia Connelly Center

Maggie visited her Alma Mater Oak Knoll School in Summit NJ as part of the Parent Association’s Lunch and Learn Program. Maggie was a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and passionate about her program and ever professional. We had a wonderfully large parent turnout and a 100% positive response to her visit and presentation. It was great getting a chance to meet Maggie and I would highly recommend her as a presenter.

– Maggie Hariri, President of Parents’ Association