How to Handle Touchy Topics at Holiday Parties

Many of my students are seniors in high school waiting to hear back from their early decision schools this month. When we chatted during the week, they told me how uncomfortable it was to talk to relatives at holiday parties about where they’ve applied and if they’ve been accepted or rejected. We all have sensitive subjects that we don’t want to talk about especially in a public setting. Today, I’m sharing my advice for when someone brings up a touchy topic!






Confidence and the College Process

The college application process can be one of the most stressful parts of high school. You’re being judged against your peers in what seems like one of life’s most important arenas. This can be totally draining on your self-esteem (it was for me). Yet, the loss of confidence doesn’t start at the beginning of the college process, it actually begins a lot sooner and can affect your whole approach to college apps.

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