How to do a Headstand

My girls LOVE headstands and lucky for them this yoga pose is really good for you. Going upside down brings fresh oxygen to your brain, improves digestion, and is tons of fun! In this video I breakdown how to do a  headstand with the help of one of my students!







Healthy Travel Snacks

Summer is travel season, but a vacay doesn’t mean you have to forget all your healthy habits! I just got back from a beach trip where I enjoyed the foods I really love, while making sure I balanced it out with healthy choices. My biggest tip for keeping it clean on vacation is to kick off the trip with healthy snacks. When I make smart choices from the start, I find that it’s easier to keep it going. Check out my favorite healthy travel snacks below.

Apple & Almond Butter

– This is my favorite snack. I love Justin’s grab and go packets of almond butter so there’s no mess!

Pretzels & Hummus

– Super easy. Super yummy. Sabra has one that comes together!

Carrots, Cucumbers & Cheese

– The cheese adds some protein to the healthy veggies keeping you fuller longer.


– These bars have far less ingredients than many other grab and go snacks. I love the peanut butter jelly.

Water, Water, Water

– This is good advice always, but especially important when you’re traveling. Water keeps you hydrated, while also keeping cravings at bay.