A Gratitude Game

If you’re going on a road trip this August, I got a game for you! We played this in my confidence camp and it was a big hit. We’re all told to think about the things we’re grateful for, but this takes it to the next level. Check out today’s video for an easy mood boosting game you can play anywhere.


What’s Your Love Language?

Did you know a quiz could be really important to your relationships? The 5 Love Languages, which profiles your emotional communication preference is beginning to become a staple in my private sessions. It’s especially useful when navigating friendships. People give and show love in different ways and sometimes you just have to look for it. Check out today’s video for how this quiz changed my life!




How One Word can Change your World

This week, I got lots of questions about being left out and actually got excluded from a hang out myself. Talk about practicing what you preach! In today’s video, I share the technique I used to help myself feel better. Also this video helps too!

How to Utilize the Summer to Avoid Test Stress & How to Manage College Process Social Pressure

Today I’m kicking off a great Test Stress Series I filmed with Jessica Bush, North Jersey Tutor Doctor. I know with school winding down, you might not be thinking about the college process and tutors (especially for those of you with girls in Middle School), but it’s actually the perfect time build both academic and emotional skills. Hope you enjoy the first two videos!


How to Utilize the Summer to Avoid Test Stress 




How to Manage College Process Social Pressure 


An Easy Way to Up your Vibe

One of the most important parts of managing stress is to figure out your inner dialogue. I’ve been working with my students on this little trick that’s a super easy way to change your energy. Check out this video for more positive vibes.






Advice I got from John Mayer

Confession: I don’t actually know John Mayer, but I was listening to him talk about a song and he had some really interesting advice about confronting your inner bully. Check out today’s video to see what I learned!