What to do if a Boy Doesn’t Ask you to Dance

‘Tis the season of school dances! I heard so many stories of girls not having a good time at a dance because a boy didn’t ask them to dance or because they were rejected when they asked someone else. Check out the video below to see why your good time doesn’t depend on a boy and what to remember if someone doesn’t want to dance with you (because I’ve been there)!

What I Wish I Knew…

I’m so excited for today’s video! Before starting any new school year, I was totally scared. So many things ran through my mind. Trust me and watch the video. I share how my first day of high school went… eek. I was nervous about making friends, doing well in school, worried about what I looked like. I needed a big sister to ask all my first day questions to, which is why I’m introducing the Prep Series. Join me this summer and learn how to survive middle school, high school and college!

Why we all Need a Mentor

I call my work Modern Mentoring, which is just a fancy word for big sister. I’m the big sis in my family and it was sometimes hard having to do everything first. When I needed advice I had to find someone who had done it before me. Mentors have been SO important in my life and that’s why I love my job!