never ask your teens this question

I’ve had a lot of parent chats in the last couple of weeks and I don’t know if it’s the end of the school year or college kids coming home from school, but communication has been wonky! In today’s pep talk, I’m sharing communication tips including what question to avoid, reframing for more peaceful conversations, and how to reinforce confidence in your kid’s ability to make decisions for themselves.

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the impact of the pandemic on students

I know that everyone is tired of talking about the pandemic, but I feel like we’re only now starting to process what went down… and it was TRAUMATIC. In this pep talk, I explain my “the pandemic made you more of who you already were” theory, the grades I felt had their social emotional health impacted the most, and an exercise for parents to consider when thinking about the wellbeing of your teens.

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a simple tip for happier teens

During the pandemic, I noticed that in the absence of transitions (like a commute or grabbing lunch or going to a workout class) how important they are to our mental wellbeing. In today’s pep talk, I’m chatting why having a transitions from one activity to the next is necessary and how to more mindfully incorporate them into your day.

parent pep talk: how to get your teens to take your advice

Feel like your teens aren’t taking your advice? I got you. In today’s pep talk, I share the unlock when it comes to getting your teenagers to heed your guidance, why pulling back from parents is an important part adolescent development, and what you can do to help your kids hear you.

don’t match the energy

Sometimes I feel it’s easier for students to chat with me, a mentor, versus their parents because of how I receive their stories. The key to having someone open up to you is that they feel safe and unfortunately at times we inadvertently do the opposite to the people we love. In this pep talk, I chat what it means to not match people’s energy, how to get someone to open up to you, and what emotional safety can look like in connection.

why people lie

“Why didn’t they tell me that before?” If that question has crossed your mind, this is a pep talk for you. Inspired by (and shared with permission) a student who had a friend lie by omission, I explain why people lie especially by withholding, share a quote from psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy that really illuminates lying motivation, and give a suggestion around what you can do if you feel you’ve been lied to.


parent episode: what to do if your daughter hates college

Your college kid calls you upset saying they’re unhappy. You don’t know what to do and now you have a pit in your stomach. Parenting a college kid is a different ball game. In this pep talk, I share how to help your student when they say they don’t like school and the shift in parenting that occurs when your goal is to raise an independent, whole hearted young adult.

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