first ever ask me anything episode

Frequently Asked Mentor Questions

This is my first ever ask me anything episode! I took questions from my students, instagram, and FAQ to answer in this pep talk. We chat mentorship, anxiety, dealing with parents, friend questions, and much more! I had so much fun with this one!!

0:36 – what made you get into this kind of work

1:43 – do you talk to mentors?

2:59 – what’s the difference between mentoring and therapy?

3:45 – if I could only give one piece of advice to college students what would it be?

4:17 – how can I help my anxiety?

4:54 – how to deal with parents over the winter break?

5:45 – how to handle a friend break up?

6:56 – what advice do you have for a recent grad looking for a job in this climate?

8:11 – what college did you go to?

8:18 – what do you do in your free time?

8:51 – how long have you been mentoring for?

top 10 what a time podcast episodes

Most Downloaded Wellness Podcast Episodes For College Students and Post Grads

I’ve had my podcast for a year now and wanted to share my top 10 podcast episodes as an access point to what topics have been important to girls and parents. I always love when other podcasts share these lists because I’m curious to see what people found interesting. I hope you enjoy!

ep. 23 essence energy with peri zarrella 

ep. 17 all the stress 

ep. 5 women’s health with nurse practitioner julia huff 

ep. 12 on being ghosted 

ep. 19 when expectations don’t meet reality 

ep. 21 does he like me or is it quarantine 

ep 24 mentor minute with megan mcdowell 

ep. 20 corona mentorship

ep. 7 find your tribe 

ep. 14 low bar meditating 

Is Mentorship Important?

Do you need a Mentor? I know, I do!

One of the things I’m really obsessed with as a mentor is I get the honor of really seeing someone. I get to see what you’re great at, where all your good stuff is (even if you can’t see it for yourself), and how you can bring more of it into your everyday life.

It takes bravery to let someone see you because it can feel so vulnerable, but having someone witness your inner self and be able to share it back with you is like embracing an old friend, but that friend is the deepest part of yourself. I’m lucky to have Peri Zarrella hold that space for me. Below, you can listen to Peri witness what my energy feels like to her, but there are many ways to reveal ourselves. Wishing everyone the courage to share their authenticity with trusted confidants as we head into a new season.