teen gift guide (curated by a mentor)


1. Olive & June Nail Polish 

You’ll see a lot of clean(er) brands in this guide because I try to limit chemicals that could be endocrine disruptors which affect health and mood. O&J is one of my favorite brands and the polishes are formulated without the seven most dangerous chemicals found in traditional nail polishes

Aside from being cleaner, I suggest my mentees get the mani kit and invite friends over to do nails. I know this sounds weird, but research suggests that getting to know someone while doing an activity, for example: taking a walk, baking cookies, or painting nails, makes it easier to open up! I think this is great for college freshmen too. You can ask someone to hang out with an activity in mind so it takes some of the pressure off of sitting in someone’s dorm room.

2. Inquire Within Oracle Deck

In my private practice, I use affirmation cards at the end of my mentor sessions to leave my girls on a positive note. This is a new deck I got recently and it’s a big hit. Each card has a meaningful phrase, reminder, word, or prompt. They are beautiful and easy to use. I highly suggest!

3. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

If I could only use one face mask for the rest of my life, this would be it. I buy it in bulk whenever they have a sale. Skin can make or break confidence so having a product that helps you glow is important. Tata Harper is also a clean beauty brand so I feel good about using it.

4. Weighted Blanket 

I LOVE my weighted blanket. I use it during my meditations and to sleep. It’s said that a weighted blanket helps with stress and anxiety as the pressure relaxes the nervous system. I really do feel like it helps me get deeper rest. The one linked is particularly beautiful, but there are cheaper options at Target too!

5. Ilia Mascara

Another clean brand and hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used. It makes your lashes so so long. I buy it over and over again.

6. Colorful Gel Pens

Something I’ve seen in my private practice is that tweens/teens still want to “play” and having colorful pens make the mundane more fun like writing a to-do list in color or journaling out feelings in different colors to reflect mood.

If you’ve ever been to a Heartworks meeting, you know we always sign cards to those in need with different color markers because Founder Megan McDowell believes in the power of color bringing joy to others. I agree!

7. Pastel Notebooks

These are the notebooks I love. I have a different use for each color: one is a journal, one is for notes I take with my students, and one is for my ick lists. They would make a cute journal gift with the pens.

8. Top 3 Post-It Notes 

When my mentees come to me overwhelmed with homework, we do the top three. This is where you pick out the three things you have to get done in a day. Personally, I do this daily and I’m not the only one because Noted by Post-It Notes created a pack of them. They make it easy to write down your three most important tasks, but are also pretty.



9. Mentor Membership

I’m obviously biased here, but I think the Mentor Membership is a great gift. I created it to house all of my tips, tricks, and resources so students can have support whenever they need it. They get podcasts, meditations, self-care shares (a “What Maggie Loves” for self-care tips), and journal exercises. Learn more here.