What to do When You’re Mad at Yourself

This came up for me a million times in one week and I knew I had share. When we get mad at ourselves for feeling a certain way, we get ourselves STUCK. Today’s video is one of my favorites. Check it out!

Is your Offline World Supporting your Online World?

If you’ve ever planned a photo way in advanced to post on Instagram then this is for you! In our Girls Group Coaching we’ve been talking a lot about why we share online and it got me thinking: do we spend more time taking pictures of us having fun than actually having fun? Do we spend more time building our online world rather than actually being present in our life away from the phones and computers? For answers check out the video!



Do you OUB?

Do you O-U-B? This is one of the biggest parts of my practice. OUB stands for: Out it. Use it. Bless it. Click play to hear how I use OUB in my everyday life.


How to Stress Less Over the SAT


Taking the SAT was one of the most miserable experiences of my high school career, but it didn’t HAVE to be. I MADE them terrible. I put tons of stress on myself, told myself I couldn’t do it, and felt like everything in the world depended on my test scores. There’s no way you can perform your best when you’re stressed out and when we do stress we energetically block ourselves from achieving what we want. In this video I share my tips for stressing less over the SAT. You’re totally capable of doing well on this test and I want to help you!



What to do When you go Overboard

We all over do it on occasion! Sometimes it’s eating too much, taking on too much work or maybe you’re like me and go overboard on the self-help! A couple of weekends ago I worked with my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein heading right into working a weekend long retreat for Mastin Kipp and totally over did it. Here’s how to click the restart button!


Stop Stressing Over Valentine’s Day


Do you roll your eyes when stores start putting out all their Valentine’s Day cards? Are you in a panic to find a date before the 14th? We put so much pressure on this holiday and it’s time to stop the stress! I love Valentine’s Day because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate ALL the love in your life.

Click play to learn how to stop the V-Day stress:




Sometimes we look to romantic relationships to make us feel whole or complete when really self love is the key to having more love in your life. One of the greatest tools we have is to think about where love currently exists in our life already. Celebrate the romantic relationship if you’re in one, but don’t forget about all the other examples of love you have in your life. Below I’ve listed some easy ways to show your love:

  • Call your grandparents
  • Send your mom flowers
  • Buy your sister chocolates
  • Give your barista a card
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Text an old friend saying you were thinking of them
  • Cook dinner for your roommates

Let me know in the comments below how you’re showing your love this holiday! Happy Valentine’s Day!