how to handle pandemic jealousy

Jealously has been a sneaky side effect of the pandemic. It’s easy to think that someone has it better than you when there are all different levels of school and work opening for fall. Jealously can actually be used in a really positive way if you know what to do with it. Today’s pep-talk, I share how a moment of jealously helped me and how you can use it to get what you want in your life.

Maggie in Teen Vogue

Another fun week here! Earlier in the summer, Teen Vogue asked me to share what I felt like girls needed to know the most before heading to campus. I know that I felt really nervous about starting college and I’m so happy to be a resource! BONUS: If you dig the article, I have my College Prep video here. All the BEST tips!


teenvogue pic

Who is in your Front Row?

During the holidays someone asked me, “Who’s in your front row?” and it really stuck with me. This question is a friendship game changer! We are a reflection of the company we keep. Check out the video to learn who’s in your front row and why it’s important. OH, and you’ll get to see a cute furry guest! 







The Best of 2014!

This year has been incredible! It’s been such a pleasure to guide you and I wanted to share my top videos of  2014! Thanks for making this year so special!


What to do if you’re not Invited to a Party 



How I Stopped Gossiping 



What to do when you’re Mad at Yourself 



What to do when you can’t Invite all your Friends to your Birthday Party 



How to be Popular 



How to Count your #Blessings

Blessed (adj): sacred, worthy of adoration, reverence; put a hashtag on it and does the meaning still hold up? A quick search shows that we’re feeling #blessed for our hot bods, naps, and Thursday night television. Whether we use the hashtag ironically or to announce our thanks online, doing so can dilute gratitude. Feeling blessed is a personal experience. The moments you find yourself feeling thankful are entirely unique to you. They’re sacred reminders that you’re whole, complete, and lack nothing. Add a hashtag and it takes a deeply personal experience and makes it public and searchable. It’s incredibly important to acknowledge our blessings, but how do we do it in an online world? Check out this month’s Smart Girls Group article!


How to Count your Blessings