How to Create a Modern Mentor Survival Kit

I talk a lot about setting yourself up to win, which means doing things for yourself now that can eliminate stress later. Part of getting rid of unnecessary anxiety is having the things I need… when I actually need them. Today I’m sharing what my survival kit looks like. Being prepared makes me happy!

Survival Kit Pic

  • 1. Hairbrush
    • This mini hairbrush is perfect for a really quick hair touch up in between activities.
  • 2. Stain Remover Stick/Pad
    • Nothing makes me feel less confident than knowing I have a stain on my clothes.
  • 3. Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment
    • My bff works for Tata Harper and when I told her how running around makes me stressed she recommended this product. Just a dab on my wrists/neck and it helps me calm down.
  • 4. iPhone Charger
    • My phone dies super fast and I make sure I always have a charger so I never get stranded somewhere without battery. Also, I was VERY  pleased to have charged my phone when my car broke down on the highway last year!
  • 5. Stila Eyeliner
    • This is my favorite liquid eyeliner. I never wear eyeshadow and just go right for a winged eyeliner. During the day, I need touch ups though so I always have it with me.
  •  6. Advil
    • I get unexpected migraine headaches so these are a must.
  • 7. Highlighters
    • Making my to-do lists colorful makes me SO HAPPY. is a super fun company and I love browsing their website.
  • 8. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • I’m not a big fan of gum because of the fake sugar in it, so I keep a travel size toothbrush with me.
  • 9. Tampons
    • You never want to be caught without a tampon when you need one.
  • 10. Black Pen
    • I’m always writing things down, taking student notes, or brainstorming my next big idea. I also have a favorite pen and this is it.
  • 11. Modern Mentor Hair Ties
    • I always have two! One for my hair and another to give away to a friend.
  • 12. #MeToo Tattoos
    • To use when I need a reminder that everyone all goes through the same things. Also the most fun to use when getting together with friends. #instagram
  • 13. Nail Polish Remover
    • I hate when my nails are chipped and this takes it off so fast!
  • 14. Modern Mentor Card
    • You never know when you want to keep in touch with someone. There are so many websites where you can get cute cards printed with your email address and phone number. I totally recommend it. You never know who you’re going to meet!
  • 15. Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes
    • These are the best. I use them after dance and yoga to keep my skin clean! Also good after you eat something messy… #tacos.
  • 16. Headphones
    • If you follow me on Spotify, you already know I’m obsessed with music. Headphones are probably the most important item to me. I never know when I’m going to NEED to listen to my favorite song.
  • 17. Bobby pins
    • To keep my hair and my headphones untangled.




Why being Nervous is Awesome

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How to be Interesting

Sometimes we think being cool means liking what other people like. This is TOTALLY not the case and causes a lot of unnecessary hard work. Being interesting is a lot easier than you think. Check out this video for my tips on being an interesting girl. Also this advice is especially good as you head into the first day of school! XOXO






Modern Mentor Program Trailer!

I’m so excited to share a video I made with my students back in April. I wanted to take away any nerves when it came to starting the Modern Mentor Program by having the girls be the ones to explain it. If you’ve ever been apprehensive about trying a group I hope this helps! Thank you to all the girls who participated and big thanks to LoYa in Summit for use of their BEAUTIFUL space! I feel very grateful!

Modern Mentor Program Trailer from Maggie DiPasquale on Vimeo.

What to do when your Best Friend Moves!

My best friend moved from NYC to Los Angeles at the end of June. This became a total #MeToo Moment when in a Mentoring Session one of my students told me her best friend was moving too. While it can be sad you won’t see your BFF as often, there are a lot of things to look forward to when a friend moves. Check out today’s video to see what I mean!











Are You Having Authentic Fun?

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How to Make a Decision

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Healthy Pumpkin Mug Cake

I’m obsessed with this recipe not only because it’s super delicious, but because it’s a single serving. Sometimes when I make cookies I end up eating more than I’d actually like. This is great because it’s quick and preeeetty healthy. #ModernMentor me in your photos if you try it out!

Recipe adapted from Delighted Momma

What you will need:

3 tbs of almond meal
2 tbs of coconut oil
1 egg
1/2 cup of organic pumpkin puree
1 tsp of pumpkin spice
1 tbs of honey
1 tsp of vanilla extract
A dash of salt
1/2 tsp of baking powder
Handful of dark chocolate chips

Mix everything well in a separate bowl. Pour into a microwave safe mug or baking dish.


Put in the microwave for 4 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean. I also added a scoop of pumpkin ice cream ENJOY!!!


How to Find a Seat at Lunch

This video is special to me because I’ve been new at a lot of schools, but even if you’ve been at your school forever, navigating the lunchroom can be stressful! In this video, I share my tips for finding a place to sit at lunch!

Group Coaching FAQ

With Girls Group Coaching around the corner, I’ve been getting lots of questions. What are these workshops anyway??? Check out the video to hear all about what it is, who it’s for, and what we do! P.S. I totally wish I had this when I was in middle and high school!