What to do when you Find Yourself Jealous

Vantage Points


The other day I found myself jealous as I scanned through a (stranger’s) instagram feed. The girl looked like she was having a super successful day while I was figuring out how to delete hacked code from my website… in my pajamas. Jealousy and envy are normal human emotions that aren’t talked about too often. Even in the mentoring groups I run as a professional big sister, we kind of breeze by it and instead talk about comparing. So what is jealousy really? For the rest of the article click here.

The Advice I Gave on Boston’s 103.3 Amp Radio!

On Friday I got a call from 103.3’s TJ Show in Boston asking me to share some advice with a complaining co-worker. I was their Chick of the Week awhile back so I was really pumped to go on-air and chat about my favorite tip. Check it out in the clip below. The best part of radio? I gave the interview in my pajamas!






What to do When You’re Mad at Yourself

This came up for me a million times in one week and I knew I had share. When we get mad at ourselves for feeling a certain way, we get ourselves STUCK. Today’s video is one of my favorites. Check it out!

Three Ingredient Healthy Cookies

My best friend Christine visited me this weekend and we decided to make 3 ingredient cookies. I love Instagram because I get so much inspiration there. When @lolacooks posted this recipe, I knew I had to check it out. These cookies are SUPER easy, delicious, AND healthy. What more could you ask for?


1 1/2 Bananas
3/4 cup oats
Chocolate (I used organic dark)


In a bowl mash banana and add in the oats. Stir until it forms a batter.


Fold in chocolate. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.




The Life Lesson I Learned from Greg Laswell

When I was at a Greg Laswell concert he shared a story that really stuck with me! Click to hear the life lesson I learned from Greg Laswell.











How to Find your Soulmate

I think it’s silly to have only one day honoring LOVE, so over here we’re still celebrating Valentine’s Day. I get lots of questions when it comes to relationships and today I’m sharing advice on how to find your soulmate.


What to do if you’re Unhappy with your SAT Scores

Taking the SAT can be a super stressful experience, especially when you’re disappointed with your scores. Check out this video for on how to not freak out if you didn’t get a perfect SAT score!
















How I Stopped Gossiping

Confession: I’ve gossiped. It seems that talking about people is a normal part of girl life. We text, tweet, subtweet, Instagram things about other people… even some stuff we have no idea is true or not. In this video I shared the BIG idea that changed my view of gossip!



The Ultimate Friendship Test

In this video I share how to tell if the friends in your life are building you up or bringing you down.