Stay in your Own Lane

The phrase “stay in your own lane” can be another way to tell someone to mind their own business, but today, I’m talking about it as if you’re saying it to yourself. It’s this phrase that I repeat when I find myself putting a lot of energy into others, which inevitably takes away from some of my own magic. Check out today’s video for more insight!


How to Prevent Fights with your Parents

It can be super uncomfortable and stressful to argue with your parents. Today I’m giving advice for what to do to prevent fights for this upcoming school year!


How to Utilize the Summer to Avoid Test Stress & How to Manage College Process Social Pressure

Today I’m kicking off a great Test Stress Series I filmed with Jessica Bush, North Jersey Tutor Doctor. I know with school winding down, you might not be thinking about the college process and tutors (especially for those of you with girls in Middle School), but it’s actually the perfect time build both academic and emotional skills. Hope you enjoy the first two videos!


How to Utilize the Summer to Avoid Test Stress 




How to Manage College Process Social Pressure 


Confident Test Taking

As part of my Test Stress Management Sessions, I see first hand how confidence is correlated to test scores. One thing we do often is second guess ourselves. This wastes time and stops us from moving onto to other questions that we might know better. Self-trust during tests is key! Today, I’m sharing a test stress #MeToo and how to have more test confidence.