Mind Body Medicine


Mind Body Medicine ⁣

Back-to-school can stir up lots of feelings and it’s basically been the focus of all my sessions since the beginning of August. A topic I’ve shared with my students is the mind body connection or how your thoughts and emotions can affect your physical condition. Not as a replacement for medical advice, but whenever I feel out of sorts in my body, I try to think of the emotional component in a literal way. Examples: ⁣

A friend said she had no appetite and I asked, “What’s eating you up?”⁣

I had heartburn and my mom asked me, “What’s burning your heart?”⁣

A student had a neck ache and I asked, “Is anyone in your life being a pain in the neck?”⁣

My hip flexors were super tight and I asked myself, “Where am I being inflexible?”⁣

Mindful questions can help you see yourself or situation from a perspective that maybe you didn’t consider before. Pay attention to how you feel physically. Butterflies in your stomach, tension headaches, tight neck and shoulders can all indicate built up feelings. Your body talks to you all day long, you just have to listen. ✨📸 by @maja_bee

The Best Trick for Getting Unstuck

I learned this mind-blowing trick for getting unstuck and I had to share because it’s changing my life. Feeling stuck can come up in different ways. Maybe you feel blocked, unmotivated, or are having a hard time making a decision. This video will help get the momentum moving forward!




Healthy Travel Snacks

Summer is travel season, but a vacay doesn’t mean you have to forget all your healthy habits! I just got back from a beach trip where I enjoyed the foods I really love, while making sure I balanced it out with healthy choices. My biggest tip for keeping it clean on vacation is to kick off the trip with healthy snacks. When I make smart choices from the start, I find that it’s easier to keep it going. Check out my favorite healthy travel snacks below.

Apple & Almond Butter

– This is my favorite snack. I love Justin’s grab and go packets of almond butter so there’s no mess!

Pretzels & Hummus

– Super easy. Super yummy. Sabra has one that comes together!

Carrots, Cucumbers & Cheese

– The cheese adds some protein to the healthy veggies keeping you fuller longer.


– These bars have far less ingredients than many other grab and go snacks. I love the peanut butter jelly.

Water, Water, Water

– This is good advice always, but especially important when you’re traveling. Water keeps you hydrated, while also keeping cravings at bay.