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triage tips: right away help for anxiety & stress 

everything you need to know about first semester freshmen friends

a pep talk on breaking up 

extra credit pep talk mentioned in this podcast:

a pep talk on soulmates

vulnerability pep talks

When I’m in a position where I’m going to be vulnerable or am feeling a vulnerability hangover I turn to the Queen of vulnerability: Brene Brown. I’m obsessed with her. Freshman year of college requires tons of vulnerability (which can be super uncomfortable), but it’s so important in order to find that authentic connection and belonging we ALL desire. I’m sharing loads of Brene content not only because she’s brings me peace when I’m putting myself out there.

the original pep-talk

The OG Brene Brown Ted Talk that made her famous. It has over 11 million views and is always a go-to for me. Also, did I mention that Brene Brown is FUNNY!

netflix special 

Speaking of Brene Brown being funny, her Netflix talk almost reads as a comedy special because it’s so funny and relatable. It also has a game changing statement that totally shifted how I approach hard conversations in my interpersonal relationships.

goop podcast 

A conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow on leadership and vulnerability!

armchair expert 

Actor Dax Shepard chats with Brene Brown. It’s fun to have a male perspective on vulnerability. It’s a universal concept!!

Brene even has her own podcast as well!

stress & anxiety checklist 

In the podcast, 10 ways to stop anxiety before it starts I go through the anxiety help checklist and share how I implement each item!


Your mind might be focused on getting ready for school, but if you want a fun distraction here are some light, feel good reads.

Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson 

This book is so sweet. It’s a romance set in Brooklyn with a little magic sprinkled in… like Marnie can see gold sparkles when couples are a good match. There’s also a sequel called:  A Happy Catastrophe: A Novelwhich I liked as well. It was fun to jump back into this world.

welcome meditation 

This meditation is one near and dear to my heart because my mentor taught it to me. It helps me so much when I’m in anxiety.

When you’re first on campus you meet tons of people and therefore given the opportunity to be discerning about your friendships. You want friends that help bring out the most authentic parts of you. An underrated way to think about friends is to pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings tell you so much! You have to may attention to it!  Check out this worksheet for friendship guidance! 

printable pdf