december mentoring

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how to know if you should transfer

how to pick the best sophomore year roommate

study playlist 

Finding the right vibe when you’re trying to get work done is important so I made a playlist to help you get into the study groove.

roommate quiz 

when you’re picking your roommate for sophomore year, it’s really helpful to know what kind of roommate you are. Take the quiz below to figure out how you’d describe yourself a roommate.

After you take this quiz, what’s really important to you here? What’s a dealbreaker?  What can you let go of? What would disturb your wellbeing?

Liked this quiz and want to get to know yourself more? check out june’s mentoring for personality quizzes.

questions to consider if you’re thinking of transferring 

  1. What do you want to change about your college experience?
  2. What’s your intention behind transferring? What’s the motivation?
  3. What do you hope to get from transferring? 
  4. Is the problem external or internal?

from my public channel:

thinking of transferring? listen to this first

w o r d   s c r a m b l e 

 Look at the word scramble below and the first three words you find are your three words for the month!

printable pdf

This meditation is a wish setting meditation. Perfect for the magic of December.

I’ve been doing this particular journal exercise for YEARS with my students and myself. It is so easy to think, “I don’t even know what happened this past year!” so this serves as a yearly inventory of what happened for you!

Take a look at this yearly calendar. Write down the big events that happened to you in the months that they occurred. Some events can include:

  • when you chose a college
  • high school graduation
  • starting college
  • trips you took
  • your birthday
  • any significant milestones for you (positive or negative)
  • joining any groups on campus
  • getting a new summer job

When you’re done, make sure that you take in all your growth!

printable pdf