february mentoring

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college dating tips: how to get the relationships you want 

handling conflict: how make confrontation easier & get outcome you’re looking for

dr. kerry cronin dating talks

Dr. Kerry Cronin is a Boston College professor who added a dating assignment to her courses (I talk about this in the podcast) . I’ve been obsessed with this talk since it came out. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s funny and meaningful… my favorite kind of lecture.

pep-talk podcasts 

Here are a few of my pep-talk podcasts on dating if you want more!

on hooking up

on being ghosted 

relationships in general 

if you’re looking for a relationship

how to throw a galentine’s day party

Every year I throw the most epic Galentine’s Day party for my girlfriends as a celebration of our friendship. It’s something I look forward to all year. What makes it extra special is we do some feel good activities to make sure everyone feels the LOVE!



This is a based on Finnish tradition I learned from my Finnish friend, adding my own Valentines spin! Underneath cups (or mugs) place various small objects. Everyone at the party gets the chance to lift a cup to reveal the object symbolizing their love life for the year to come. Below are objects I suggest putting under and what they mean.

  • penny = you will have luck in your love life
  • four-leaf clover = your lucky love month is March!
  • key = someone already has the key to your heart
  • piece of blue yarn = you will gain a loyal friend
  • piece of red yarn = happiness
  • piece of white yarn =  focus on yourself this year
  • piece of yellow yarn = your love life will be fun this year
  • ring = commitment
  • sugar cube = sweetness in your love life
  • white button = ease in your love life
  • empty cup = mystery
  • sun = you’ll fall in love during the summer
  • snowflake = you’ll fall in love in the winter
  • flower = you’ll fall in love in the spring
  • leaf= you’ll fall in love in the fall

valentine’s card:

Go old school and tape up brown paper bags with all your friends’ names on it. Print out these cards and leave them in out with pens so guests fill them out and drop them in the bags so that everyone has a party favor to take home.

printable pdf

tarot cards

At every Galentine’s Day party I pull tarot cards for my friends. Here’s an example of spreads you can do you:

lovers spread


the heart






My friend recently had us over to do our numerology (an ancient system of numbers that have meanings tied to your name and birthdate) and it was super fun and accurate! We used this book below. Even though the examples used are a little outdated, I was impressed by it. Grab the book and invite friends over to your room to read your numerology.

Glynis Has Your Number

  • What is your soul number?
  • What does your birthday say about you?
  • How can you find your soulmate through numbers?

aura photos

At one of my Galentine’s Day parties, I bought rainbow color film for my instax mini camera. When everyone came in I took a picture of them with the camera.  I made the color of their aura whatever border they got from the photo.  An aura is the color of your life force energy field around you.

I wrote out what different aura colors meant which you can get here: aura color meanings and printed them out  so all my friends could read about the color they received. Everyone LOVED this and it could be fun to do one night in your dorm!




"your heart and my heart are very old friends." - hafiz

this month is all about the  h e a r t !

I couldn’t have a month dedicated to relationships without talking about self-love! This month’s worksheet is a calendar print out where you write down one thing you love about yourself every day. If you find it challenging, I get it, I’ve been there. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one and this compliment exercise is a way to practice seeing all your good stuff.

printable pdf