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making friends

everything you need to know about first semester freshmen friends

more pep talks: 

finding your people 

how to get closer to your friends

boundaries & conflict 

how to say no, leave someone out, and set boundaries with kindness 

handling conflict: how make confrontation easier & get outcome you’re looking for

being left out 

a pep talk on being left out

when friendships drift, change, or end

when someone is unkind

more pep talks:

a pep talk on friendship break ups 

on being lonely

hosting hangs

In one of my Master’s classes a professor mentioned the power of a “third thing” when running groups with others. A big part of mental wellness is community. We ALL need connection. You might not have your regular crew yet and these are some ways to get people to hang out without it being awkward!

food  hang   

I don’t know if you have access to a kitchen, but whenever I host a party I make these brown butter rice crispie treats. **these are a crew (and boyfriend) favorite** recipe here. You can also make them and bring them to a common room and see what new friends you make.

I also make What’s Gaby Cooking’s Christmas chex mix  for the parties I throw. You don’t have to make it holiday related though! All  the “cooking” you need to do is to melt chocolate which you can do in a microwave.

nail  hang

It is easier to hang out with new people when you have something to do… that’s why I suggest a painting your nails. Sometimes asking someone to hang out can feel like a lot, but if you do it around a low key activity it can be a lot easier.

nail party

I’m obsessed with the nail brand Olive and June. I love this brand and also painting my nails has become a ritual for me. They have a ton of how-to videos on their instagram so you can check them out with your friends for the hang then get to painting your nails. The have fun stickers too!

A bonus to this:

I love learning about and from women who have started their own business and one of those is Sarah Gibson Tuttle who created Olive and June. You can listen to a podcast that the founder was on here:

Second Life Podcast with Sarah Gibson Tuttle 

Sarah Gibson Tuttle on the TSC

 dance hang 

After work, my friends and I sometimes get together to take 305 dance classes for a workout hang. It’s like a giant dance party and a super fun way to hang. They offer free classes online that you can stream and do. Find a little space, bring your computer, and have a blast jumping all over the place. You also don’t need to do a dance class. You can do any kind of movement!

When you’re first on campus you meet tons of people and therefore given the opportunity to be discerning about your friendships. You want friends that help bring out the most authentic parts of you. An underrated way to think about friends is to pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings tell you so much! You have to may attention to it!  Check out this worksheet for friendship guidance! 

printable pdf