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In my pep talk today, I share my magic tricks. They’re simple ways to use tarot cards, spirit animals, and even spotify as an oracle for life guidance. When you connect to your inner-self, you’re able to trust in the unfolding of your life, recognize your path, and move forward in areas that feel stuck.


affirmation decks

I love affirmation decks! I use them with my students all the time. First I center myself, then I ask an open ended question like, “What do I need to know about my friendships? What can help with [insert problem here]. What do I need to know today?” Pull a card and see how it relates to your inquiry!

essential oils guide 

Dorm rooms can smell super stale so making your own diffuser with specific scents can help you not only have a cuter smelling dorm room, but can assist your mental wellness.

make your own diffuser:

what you’ll need:

    • A bottle
    • Essential oils
    • Distilled water
    • Unscented witch hazel

Fill your bottle 1/2 with witch hazel and 1/2 with distilled water then add 25-30 drops of your essential oil. If you use a spray bottle you have room spray. If you want to add reed sticks (you can find on amazon) to an open bottle you’ll have a room diffuser.

Below are a few herbs and what their scents can do for your well-being. I follow herbalist Robin Rose Bennett for all my green witch needs.

when you need to sleep

      • lavender

“Lovely lavender calms the nervous system, heals burns on the skin, and disinfects harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. This will not only act as a disinfectant, it will smell lovely and bring a peaceful vibration into your home.” – Robin Rose Bennett

when you’re stressed

      • chamomile
      • rose

“The rose is widely recognized as the inimitable symbol of beauty and love. Its lush petals, majestic arrangement and vivid colors, particularly the classic red rose, evoke sensuality and romanticism, making it a popular ornamental flower and age-old subject of reverence in art, literature, and mythology. The rose is also a highly valued herb in traditional and modern herbal medicine. And, of course, the rose’s sweet fragrance is a staple in aromatherapy, used to relieve anxiety and depression and promote feelings of well-being.” – Robin Rose Bennett

when you need energy

      • lemongrass
      • orange
      • peppermint

The way I use these essential oils is to put two drops in the palm of  my hands, rub them together then I cup my hands bringing them up to my mouth and nose to take a few deep breaths in and out.


grounding meditation


A ritual is an act you do routinely, but is different from a habit because of the intention and consciousness you put behind it.  They can be an important tool during transition because they help ground you when things change. Developing a ritual for yourself can be a huge act of self-care and a way to feel solid during transition.

start small

Create a ritual that’s manageable. If you’re not a morning person don’t plan something in the morning. Don’t make your ritual to run 5 miles if you don’t like to run.  Rituals require discipline, but should not be torture.

set yourself up to win

Make a plan. If you’re going to make your ritual meditation, plan out which one you want to do. If your ritual is to do a face mask every Sunday make sure you have masks. Set reminders. Put it in your schedule.

ideas for rituals

  • daily meditation
  • a workout class you attend weekly
  • daily journal practice
  • organizing yourself on Sundays
  • reading a book for pleasure before bed
  • listen or read something inspirational
  • pulling a daily affirmation card
  • nightly skincare routine
  • in the journal section, I have a self-care calendar. You can ritualize writing down one act of self-care you did everyday!

Notice that some of these are mind, body, soul balance suggestions? Basically anything can be a ritual if you put intention to support and love yourself behind it. Rituals are done with reverence and as an act of self-care.


One of the ways I most like to get insight is through oracles. Whether they’re through tarot or affirmation cards, I find it really helpful to see where I’m at. Below is an oracle I created for you guys. Think of an intention or a question you’d like answered. Play the video below and randomly stop it when it feels right to you. Whatever number comes up is meant for you. Scroll down for the corresponding message.

1. patience 

Things are happening in the right way and are unfolding at the right time. You can’t mess up or miss out on what’s meant for you, but you can cut yourself a break.

2. kismet 

Fate has its eyes on you. Let go and let things happen.  Look around for synchronicities and signs you’re on the right track.

3. go for it 

Have you been afraid of doing something? Saying something? This oracle is telling you to start it, say it, do it, be it!

4. ask for help

Sometimes it can be scary to ask for help or we’re afraid to be a burden, but people are more willing to help you out then you think. Go get mentored, make an appointment with your academic advisor, phone a friend. It’s okay to ask for help.

5. clarity 

Get clear about what you want. Take some time today to journal about what it is you really want and what could be getting in your way. What is it you really desire? The world is your oyster!

6. soul connection

There’s a soul connection around you. Be open to finding someone you connect with in the most unexpected of places.

7. what sounds fun?

Stop, drop, and ask yourself, “What sounds fun?” What would make this moment better? Take a walk? Call a friend? Have a dance party? Add some levity to your life today!

8. self-care

You’ve just been granted permission to take care of yourself.  What would be the best way to care for yourself right now?

9. cool it 

Do nothing. Take a break. Go to bed early. Rest. Rest. Rest.

10. authenticity  

The world needs a little more YOU. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. When you shine, you give others permission to shine around you.

11. set an intention

Write down what you want on a piece of paper and say, “this or something better,” as you release it into the universe.

essence magic 

Ever since chatting with my friend, intuitive counselor Peri Zarrella, I’ve been thinking a lot about my unique energy. I talked about this in the podcast and meditation too if you want more. Your essence energy is your thumbprint energy. It’s completely unique to you. When you connect to your essence it helps you live according to your truest self and there is really no greater feeling.

According to Peri:

In a physical sense, our essence is considered the core of our energetic body and it flows along our spinal column, connecting into the earth at our feet and to the universe at our crown.

Physical connection with our essence creates a stable foundation from which we can intimately interact with our life through understanding our behavioral patterns that cause us to stray from our true self.

Because our essence and the universe is energy-based, when we align into ourselves, a powerful connection is created. This connection allows us to reflect upon our experiences through an enhanced lens and helps to clarify our greater lessons.

The more time we spend strengthening the connection to our essence, the more we lean in to our path, embrace our experiences with grace and utilize our intuition as a tool to support and guide us through life.

connect to your essence: 

essence questions

  • When do you feel most like yourself?
  • Name 3 adjectives you would use to describe your 5 year-old self?
  • How do you connect to your inner guidance system?
  • If you were a color what would you be?
  • What’s something you can talk about for hours?

All these questions are doorways into what makes you you!

make an essence energy playlist

when I’m feeling out of alignment I listen to my essence energy playlist

  • what songs feel like you?

make this playlist and if you ever feel like you need to connect back into yourself use music!