october self-care share


october self-care share

This month covers how to throw a new moon intention setting party (based on the one my friend Meg throws)! I also share my current favorite girl boss, a mantra I’m obsessed with, and more!

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how to host a new moon party

My friend Meagan started hosting new moon parties once a month and I TOTALLY look forward to them. We hang out, eat snacks, meditate, set intentions, and leave feeling more connected and relaxed! I’m giving you a step-by-step guide for how to host your own new moon party for yourself and your new ish friends.

A big part of why I like Meg’s parties is because I was invited when I wasn’t friends with the whole group yet and it opened me up to new friendships. Putting yourself out there can be hard. I get it! I recorded this podcast for my public channel, but I think it could be helpful here too.

why a new moon party?

new moons mark beginnings. They are a good time to set intentions and plant the seeds for what you really want in your life.  You don’t have to have the party on the day of the actual new moon, just near it.

A big part of mental wellness is community. We ALL need connection and creating a positive community of like minded women is something that I really value. Hosting a party with good vibes can help you cultivate your own support community.


Asking people to hang out can be vulnerable, but not asking people to hang out can be lonely. Here’s a text you can copy and paste.

hey guys! I'm hosting a new moon party on [insert 
date]. New moons are great for new beginnings so I 
thought it'd be fun to have snacks, set intentions, and hang out. Let me know if you'd be interested!


Have people help you! You don’t have to do everything alone! Ask people to bring a favorite snack. Here are some of my staples when I host:

  • chips & guac
  • salsa
  • block of cheddar and manchego cheeses
  • crackers
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • trader joe’s has half moon (black and white) cookies








  • brown butter rice crispie treats. **these are a crew (and boyfriend) favorite** recipe here.

feeling fancy?

  • baguette
  • honey comb
  • truffle potato chips
  • marcona almonds

When I host I buy everything from Trader Joe’s! Don’t forget paper plates, bowls, and napkins.

how to group text about food:

I'll handle the chips, guac, and salsa! Can someone 
else bring cheese and does someone want to 
bring dessert??


Set the stage! Twinkles light are really nice for a new moon party! Drape them or put them in mason jars. Bring out cozy blankets/pillows. Make the space feel warm!

the spread from a party I hosted

I use chalkboard paper when I host because it’s cute, easy to clean, and you can write what everything is on it. I know dorm rooms don’t have a lot of space,  so you’re probably going to have to get creative. Clear off your desk and use it as a table; sit on the floor. You have to use what you have!

I like to create a small intention altar. I have a little terrarium to put all the intentions into, but a bowl is great too.  Have pens and tiny pieces of paper to write down what you’d like to call into your life. You can also tell guests to bring journals if they wanted to write down more than intentions.

intention setting:

If your crew is down with it, start with a meditation. You can sit in a few moments of stillness or use the monthly meditation for intention setting in this month’s membership! After the meditation is over invite the group to write down their intentions on the small piece of paper. It can be big or small. Anything that you’d like to call into or create in your life.

me at one of our new moon gatherings burning intentions (also our tiny altar in the middle)

When finished have everyone place their intentions in the terrarium or bowl. We burn them at my parties but **don’t** recommend you do that especially in a dorm! Collect all the intentions in a bowl and let them go into the universe! If you want you can keep the intentions until the full moon then throw them out.

To finish up intention setting, ask anyone if they’d like to share and let other people support you!

follow up

enjoyed yourself? ask the crew if anyone wants to host the next new moon party. **don’t feel like doing this with a crowd? it is PERFECTLY acceptable to do this alone!**

what i’m obsessed with

I wanted to share something I’m obsessed with: girl boss owned nail care Olive and June.


This is the poppy:  a polish bottle handle that makes painting your own nails easier. Their polishes are super cute and last too!

Another exciting part of Olive and June is that the owner is a girl boss Sarah Gibson Tuttle. I learned about her products on Second Life Podcast so you can hear and be inspired by how she built her business here:

Second Life Podcast with Sarah Gibson Tuttle 

Looking to make new friends? Invite some girls over to paint nails together. Sometimes asking someone to hang out can feel like a lot, but if you do it around an activity it can be a lot easier.

Monthly Mantra





















Questions? You don’t have to ask in front of the class…