september mentoring

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 a pep talk on rejection

a pep talk for when you’re homesick 

academic advising worksheet

Academic advisors can be a really helpful part of your college experience if you know what to ask. Print out this worksheet so you can know exactly what to ask to make the most of your meeting.

printable pdf

comfort tv, books, and podcasts  

Need a soothing distraction? Try one of these feel good options:

tv & movies 

Ted Lasso

Schitt’s Creek

Good Witch


Outrageous Openness – Tosha Silver

I love this book because it’s little stories about how things always work out

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

An upbeat book about the power of creativity.


Speaking of Liz Gilbert, my sister and I love this podcast episode with her.

r u l e   o f   f i v e 

Whether you’re eating in a dining hall or living apartment style, what and how you eat can change in college. Health Coach Robyn Youkilis has a healthy hack that I follow when I feel I need more food balance or feel like I don’t know where to start. It’s super easy and called the “Rule of Five.” All it is, is to make sure sure these five things are on your plate:

  1. greens
  2. healthy fat
  3. protein
  4. fermented food
  5. veggies

This is super easy to do and linked above if you want to learn more!

"You are the sky. Everything 
else, it's just the weather." 
- Pema Chodrom

An essential element of self-care is sleep, which can be hard to come by for college students. This month’s meditation is a yoga nidra relaxation meditation for sleep!

When we’re busy, self-care can be the first thing to go out the window, BUT that’s when we NEED it the MOST. This month’s worksheet is the habit tracker I use to see what I actually keep up with! I like this visual method (rather an app) so I can get a whole view of what worked for this month and where I maybe want to make shifts.

I separated these out into 3 categories: (inner) practice, meditation, and workouts. Write the dates in the boxes on the date completed. At the end of the month, see what you’ve stuck with!

printable pdf