24 Hour Rule

You just found out your sister borrowed your clothes without asking. Your roommates ate all your food. You’re debating whether or not to text your ex-boyfriend. You’re contemplating how to handle a fight with a friend. We’ve all been there- situations where you want to react immediately in the heat of the moment especially in ways that you might regret later on. One of the best ways to manage emotions is to take time. 24 hours between you and a problem will make a world of difference.

Now I’m not going to lie this is a tough rule to follow. You’re going to need to check your emotions and focus on calming down. I’ve learned this the hard way. Almost every time I act out of haste I regret it and usually immediately. When I wait, I have a clear mind that gives me new perspective and I’m so happy I didn’t say/text/email/ whatever it was I really wanted to say in that moment. A day helps you to focus on what you really want from a situation.

Here are some ways to give yourself space from a problem:

– Ask your Inner Guidance System (Inner GPS) for help. All you need is one little line. I say, “Please guide me towards the highest outcome.”

– Back away from the situation. Move away from the computer. Drop the phone.

– Go work out. Nothing like sweating out a problem.

– Ask yourself if you’re bringing love to the situation? Are you making it better or worse?

– Write out your frustration in a journal.

–  Stop, drop and meditate.

I know taking time can be hard, but it’s so worth it. The 24-hour rule helps in a multitude of ways, but it all stems from the peace you get when you give yourself the break of time.


Hello 2013 and Goodbye to Fear

Last week I took a dance class where my teacher said something that stuck with me. She told us to dance like we’ve never made a mistake before and it got me thinking. When we make mistakes we teach ourselves something, but what if our mistakes actually scare us from living life full out. When we do something “wrong” we can create a behavior. For example if you took a risk and it didn’t work out it might stop you from wanting to take another risk. You do things a certain way because of how people have reacted when you’ve done them in the past. Ever go out with a guy and never hear from him again? It might make you not want to take romantic risk anymore! How about if you get a bad grade on a test and then consider yourself bad at that subject?

Yet what if we started 2013 as if we haven’t made mistakes before or been hurt? Take the lessons that 2012 taught to you (you are older and wiser now after all), but leave the fear of being rejected/wrong/not good enough behind. I encourage you to sit down with a piece of paper and jot down answers to these questions:

  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t make a mistake or be wrong?
  • What do you want to take on in 2013?
  • What would you like to leave behind?
  • What would you do if you could start fresh?

Happy 2013!!