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Mentor Membership: Wellness Support for Students

We spend so much time making sure our students are ready for college academically and don’t let them go to school without the right dorm supplies, but what about the mental wellness aspects of going away to school

I created my mentor membership to house all of my tips, tricks, and resources so that students can have support whenever they need it. 

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The memberships includes:

  • podcasts on different themes related to student wellness
  • meditations for stress reduction
  • self-care shares that serve as  a What Maggie Loves for self-care tips that includes resources from my favorite mentors
  • journal worksheets 

The course addresses:

  • Anxiety
  • Body care
  • Confidence
  • Dating
  • Friendships
  • Ideas for getting a group together
  • Internships/jobs
  • Organization
  • Roommates
  • Sleep
  • Stress

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two membership options:

mentor membership for college freshmen membership  $57.99

This membership contains mentoring specifically tailored to the changes and challenges of the freshman experience all laid out by month as well as additional guidance organized by topic.

mentor membership for all students $44.99

This membership contains mentorship relevant to all students all organized by topic.

investment in your student 

Both memberships are over 12 sessions worth of mentoring – valued at $1,440 – for less than half the price of a 1:1 mentor session.


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