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Mentor Membership for College Freshmen: Support for Happiness and Wellbeing in your First Year

The freshman transition has always been a stressful and emotional time for students and parents, and a successful first year of college is the result of so much more than being prepared academically.

Does your freshman daughter have the skills to cope with potential failure, heartbreak, finding a new crowd, time management, and the college drinking culture… all in the Age of Social Media?  

It’s nice to think there’s a straight line to success, but life is curvy, with ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns.

The Mentor Course for College Freshmen provides support to help freshmen girls make sense of college life’s changes and challenges. This self-help course is designed to help launch capable and empowered young adults and is available for students any time they need it. 

 Take a peek at the membership in this video preview:

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The course includes:

  • 36 private podcasts on different themes related to the freshman college experience
  • 12 meditations for relaxation
  • Self-care shares that serve as  a What Maggie Loves for self-care tips that include ideas for healthy eating, getting a group together, books to read, resources from my favorite mentors, and so much more
  • 12 journal worksheets
  • Additional podcasts focusing on specific topics, such as a women’s health nurse practitioner addressing wellness, PMS, drinking, and anxiety.

The course addresses:

  • Anxiety
  • Body care
  • Confidence
  • Dating
  • Friendships
  • Ideas for getting a group together
  • Internships/jobs
  • Organization
  • Roommates
  • Sleep
  • Stress

investment in your student 


It’s 12 sessions worth of mentoring – valued at $1,440 – for the price of one session.

mentor course for college freshmen
A mentorship course for college freshmen!

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