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Mentor Membership: Wellness Support for College Students

I’m the oldest of my family. My sister and I are a teeeeny bit less than two years apart. Before going away to college, I was overwhelmed. Even though I felt prepped academically and **could not** wait to have more independence (aka no curfew), I felt in over my head.  I didn’t know what to bring for my dorm or how people made friends, let alone process transition and figure myself out as this new more adult person.

Two years later my sister follows me to the same college and I see her have a different experience of leaving for school because she saw me go through it first. It made me think what if I had:

  • Someone to help navigate the highs and lows
  • Someone who had been recently through what I was going through
  • Someone to be a safe space for me to figure myself out
  • Someone to help me see and realize my goals

which is exactly why I mentor & created my membership.

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The truth is college is a harder transition now than it was five years ago. In running my private practice for almost 10 years, I’ve seen that growing from a teen into a young adult is more complicated. Kids are experiencing more anxiety and depression than in prior years.

I designed the Membership to house all my tips and resources to make sure girls could have access to different wellness support and techniques whenever they needed it. Personally, I’d always have chats with my mentors, I would want to continue the work we did in the session, but didn’t have any of the tangible tools… so I wanted to solve for that.

It’s everything I wish I had when going away to college. I also want parents to know their kids have additional outlets to help them through all stages of college especially when they call crying… and they will. It’s normal.

The membership is broken down into monthly sections or by topic like anxiety + stress, productivity, roommates, and more. I want to help everyone stay out of or move through freak out mode! 

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It’s not just for college freshman. It’s resources to be used at any stage of the college experience because, let me tell you, every year is different! You’ll get:

  • podcasts on different themes related to student wellness
  • meditations for stress reduction
  • self-care shares that serve as  a What Maggie Loves for self-care tips that includes resources from my favorite mentors
  • journal worksheets 
  • all the resources I’ve cultivated over my years of mentorship. 

Topics covered include:

  • Anxiety
  • Body care
  • Confidence
  • Dating
  • Friendships
  • Ideas for getting a group together
  • Internships/jobs
  • Organization
  • Roommates
  • Sleep
  • Stress

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mentor membership for college students

yearly: $229

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m buying this for my daughter. How can I get it to her?

When purchasing for someone other than yourself, fill out the sign up form with **her** information (name and email) so that she’ll be registered for Membership.

What is Maggie’s Mentorship Network? Why do I have to join to get the membership? 

Maggie’s Mentorship Network is the umbrella under which all my digital mentor offerings fall under. As part of getting the mentor membership you also get free access to the resources in the Maggie’s Mentorship Network as well.

How does it work?

The course is hosted on the Mighty Network App where after purchase you’ll be able to download the app and access the mentor membership there through your phone and iPad. You can also use it on a desktop too!

Who is it for? 

It’s for college students and soon to be college students! Some of the content is directly related to freshman and senior year,  but the majority of the resources are for all grades.