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for the corona pandemic

The corona pandemic created a new normal for all of us and what a wild time it is to be on planet earth! In addition to my Monthly Mentor Membership, I also created content in light of what’s going on in the world. There are four categories:

talk it out: a new podcast episode chatting about all the corona feels from moving home unexpectedly to fear and anxiety around the unknown. I’ve now dubbed this time coronaction (vacation in the time of corona). Plus I share my tips and tricks for the quarantine.

work it out: online classes I’m loving to help you move your body.

cookout: new recipes that have been fun to try. I have also found my new favorite chocolate chip cookies.

hideout: suggested activities (books, talks, bingo) to help keep morale up.

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for Freshmen

Make the college transition easier! Members get access to a monthly pep talk podcast where Maggie coaches you on a different aspect of college. You’ll learn how to meditate with new guided relaxations. The self-care share is a “what’s Maggie loving,” for self-care tips, an instagramable mantra, and a chance to ask questions. Finish off your month with a journal exercise to collect over the year.

Each month has a new theme related to the college experience (because being new can be hard!). We’re talking getting through orientation, what to pack, living with roommates, making friends, handling stress, dating on a college campus, and more!



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The corona pandemic created a new normal for all of us. With this membership you get mentoring tailored to boosting morale for this unprecedented time.

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