Digital Workshops

The Power of Mattering Digital Parent Pep Talk

Feeling like you don’t matter is a strong predictor of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, but knowing you’re valuable leads to resilience, self-confidence, and psychological security to thrive.

Using my lens as an adolescent counselor alongside Never Enough by Jennifer Breheny Wallace, I share mentor around instilling a sense of worth in kids, how we accidentally undermine value as parents, and solving for mattering not happiness when things aren’t going smoothly.

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Parent Pep Talk Bundle 

Teens don’t come with instruction manuals, but you can add mentor support to your parenting toolbox with the Parent Pep Talk Bundle, a collection of mentor workshops designed to empower, educate, and guide parents through different teen topics.

These talks were inspired by the amazing moms in my private practice.  You’ll receive:

The four parent workshops:

The teen years are notoriously challenging, but with mentor support,  you’ll feel guided and encouraged!
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