never worry alone

I know the heavy heart we’re sharing in and while I don’t have the right words, I’d like to be a supportive presence. I listened to a podcast where journalist and researcher, Jenny Wallace said:

“Never worry alone.”  
This is something I strongly believe in. I know the power of confiding in someone you trust. We’re social beings and connection is essential, especially during tough times. This is why I mentor. Sharing what’s on your heart and mind provides:
  • Emotional relief. It reduces stress/anxiety so you can be lighter and happier.
  • It helps you be your own problem solver which builds confidence.
  • Connection and support let you know you matter impacting how you hold yourself in the world.
Who do you share your worries with? Who do your girls share their worries with? It’s worth taking a second to consider. I’m always here if you need.