are you angry or are you resentful?

Are you mad or are you actually RESENTFUL? This is a question, I’ve asked my students lately. Resentment is not a word typically brought up by mentees, but it’s definitely present! In today’s pep talk, we chat about what resentment really is (mind blown), Brene Brown’s definition of the emotion, and a trick to knowing when you’re resentful and how to move through it.

when you’re totally overwhelmed

stack stress support

You know when you have a lot going, put caring for your mind/body at the bottom of your list ,then one tiiiiny thing tips everything over? This is what I call stack stress.

If you’ve ever cried over feeling overwhelmed this is the episode for you. In today’s pep talk, I share 3 things you can do when you feel the pressure of stack stress.

give yourself a break

Many of my students have high expectations and end up being  super hard on themselves. I recently asked a mentee, “Do you feel like you deserve rest?” and she said, “Only if I’ve earned it.” That resonated big time. In this pep talk, I share the two areas I feel like we need to give ourselves breaks in, thoughts around what brings you energy and what takes it away, and a journal exercise to help you figure out what you need break from.

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is there something wrong with me?

Is there something wrong me? Is this normal? What is going on here? If you’re a human on the planet, I bet these have crossed your mind at one point or another and I know it can feel like a scary place to be. In today’s pep talk, I answer if I think there’s something wrong with you, what I feel coping mechanisms are, and how being sensitive in a harsh world can show up in our lives.

what to do when things are heavy

My private practice has been the most heavy I ever seen it and with what’s going on in the world right now, I wanted to share a technique I’ve been using in my 1:1 sessions. It takes only 12 minutes and can really transform negative energy. Sending everyone extra love right now.

a simple tip for happier teens

During the pandemic, I noticed that in the absence of transitions (like a commute or grabbing lunch or going to a workout class) how important they are to our mental wellbeing. In today’s pep talk, I’m chatting why having a transitions from one activity to the next is necessary and how to more mindfully incorporate them into your day.

parent pep talk: how to get your teens to take your advice

Feel like your teens aren’t taking your advice? I got you. In today’s pep talk, I share the unlock when it comes to getting your teenagers to heed your guidance, why pulling back from parents is an important part adolescent development, and what you can do to help your kids hear you.

on dating and hooking up

Want more from your relationships? This topic comes up in my private practice a lot. What I hear is that students are **not** cultivating the kind of romantic relationships they really want. Why is this? In this episode we talk about hooking up, what’s at the core when we get intimate with someone, and how to shift to make your relationships more fulfilling.

how to know what to do

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Stay in or go out? What to eat for dinner? What to major in? What sorority to join? Maybe you’re making a big decision like what college to go to. Inspired by life coach Martha Beck, I share a tip to help guide you during any decision big or small. This is an especially important listen for any of the people pleasers out there!

for when you’re sad

what to do when you’re blue

Last week I felt so blue and if you’re from the Northeast, then you know that the winter’s can be tough on our mood. I wanted to share the two big things you can do help shift yourself out of feeling down and how to get the **right** support.