parent pep talk: choosing to be in charge rather than in control with Parent Coach Mary Van Geffen

Parent coach, Mary Van Geffen joins us to explain the distinction between being in charge versus in control and why it’s so important when it comes to parenting teens. In this pep talk, we chat over-responsibility in parenting, redefining success, and what your teens really need from you. Mary even gives us an example of how this plays out in her own home so you can directly implement in your own life.

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calm in chaos


parent pep talk: how not to drown in what your kids throw at you

Your child comes home from middle/high school upset. Your kid calls you overwhelmed at college. If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’ve been in these situations at some point and it’s painful! You know it’s something your kids have to figure out on their own, but you also want to swoop in… then they seem to move on and you’re still in all the stress. In this pep talk, I’m sharing what it really means when we get stuck in our kids’ stuff, what you can do to help yourself and your kids, and what a regulation ritual looks like.


what happens when we don’t deal with feelings

Ever notice how past events can get pulled into the present? Sometimes it’s from undealt with feelings. In this episode, I share what the difference between “little t” trauma and “big T” trauma is, how the past shows up in the present, and where unfelt feelings pop up!


how to accomplish a big goal

Ever have a big goal, but not sure where to start? Feel stuck in a particular area of life and don’t know how to move forward? I’ve got your back. In this pep talk, I’m sharing a tangible way to accomplish goals that’s not as hard as you think!

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songs that feel like the end of the movie

a quick way to shift your mood

Ever been grumpy or feeling blah and wish you could snap yourself right out of it? Well, today’s pep talk is a super easy way to shift your mood. We also go into my favorite Ted Lasso quotes: “believing in rom-communism is about believing that everything is going to work out in the end.” And with that, I hope you enjoy this episode!

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parenting teens with Mary Van Geffen

We are joined for today’s pep talk by international parenting coach Mary Van Geffen! After finding herself overwhelmed by her Titanium-Willed Child, Mary became a Simplicity Parenting Counselor® and Professional Co-Active Coach® to help overwhelmed moms with strong-willed or spicy children. Mary has been an epic follow on Instagram and her parent tip-a-day is always packed with so much value.

I asked her to be our guest to talk about parenting teens. We chat about the difference between being in charge versus control, how to foster an energy of cooperation that will help your teens hear you, what the real work of parenting is, a script you can use for setting tech boundaries with you kids, and an exercise to get you clear about the kind of family culture you want to create

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the third myth of the college experience

everyone’s loving their college except me

It is nearly impossible to see other people on social media and not compare, but it takes on a whole new meaning for college freshmen. In this pep talk, we chat how social media has transformed the college adjustment period and the pressure around enjoying college especially at the beginning.

second myth of the college experience: you’ll meet all you friends freshmen year

“Everyone has friends already.” “I don’t have anyone to hang with.” There’s an expectation that you get to campus and immediately click, connect, and have a group of friends. For most people that doesn’t happen!  In this pep talk, we chat the real timeline of college friendships, stress around picking sophomore year roommates, and why your whole time at college is a great time to meet people (not just freshmen year).

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the first myth of the college experience: “college is the best time ever”

when your expectations of college don’t meet the reality

“This isn’t what I thought it would be. I’m not sure I like college.” These are common freshman thoughts! We hear over and over again that college is the. best. time. ever. but for most, it doesn’t feel that way right off the bat. Belonging takes time! In this pep talk, we cover the expectations we have surrounding college, what the real reality of being at school is, and how to stay optimistic if you’re not loving it yet. Spoiler alert: you’re not alone! 

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parent episode: what to do if your daughter hates college

Your college kid calls you upset saying they’re unhappy. You don’t know what to do and now you have a pit in your stomach. Parenting a college kid is a different ball game. In this pep talk, I share how to help your student when they say they don’t like school and the shift in parenting that occurs when your goal is to raise an independent, whole hearted young adult.

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3 Reasons Your College Freshman Calls You Upset …and How to Respond to Raise Confident and Capable Young Adults

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