travel tips for the sensitive soul

I just got back from Europe, and if you’re a sensitive soul like me, travel can be majorly dysregulating! Trips change what you eat, sleep, and do. Even though that’s amazing for expanding, it can show up as big feelings, so I’m sharing my tips to help anxious girlies feel more grounded.

💧Stay hydrated – Dehydration puts major stress on the body. Always have water on you. You don’t know how long you’ll be sitting in the airport or waiting for the car.

🧖🏻‍♀️ Take care of your skin – Skin impacts confidence! I like @herocosmetics patches + use the @tataharperskincare lip cream in bare under my eyes and nose too.

✈️ Wear a multipurpose outfit – We had major travel delays and were late for everything. Wear a comfy outfit with layers this way if plans shift, you can feel good if you end up going right to dinner or start directly exploring. No stress about wanting to change or feeling uncomfortable. I did @madewelltank + button down and a @the______bar sweatshirt.

💤 Use a sleep meditation – I don’t have an easy time sleeping in new places, so I use a Yoga Nidra meditation from @spotify or there’s a whole section for sleep support in the Mentor Membership too!

📖 Bring a book you can’t put down – Getting lost in a book can be grounding. I’m now obsessed with Fourth Wing by @rebeccayarros

📆 Schedule a mentor session – I did a UHP session with @resiliencehealing. Also, sessions after traveling help you get back into the swing of things. This is important! Don’t skip!

I hope these tips support my sensitive souls out there! Happy vacationing!


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