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herbal remedies for sleep, anxiety, & stress with Mayernik Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I went to the Mayernik Kitchen, a modern day apothecary, in North NJ and left asking herbalist Shannon to be on the podcast! She’s so kind and knowledgeable, I wanted her to share her insight on common wellness ailments I hear from my mentees. We talk about what the best plants and herbs are for helping with sleep, anxiety, pms, mood and more. She goes over how to figure out what plant medicine is right for you, what flower essences are, and gives us the details on her morning & evening routines. I also share my favorite herbs and how I use them and we even chat how to clear the energy in a new dorm or apartment. Thank you Shannon for sharing yourself with us!!

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can you give yourself permission?

Do you need to give yourself permission? If you’re a people pleaser, this episode could be really helpful for you. In this pep talk, I share my personal relationship with permission right now, walk you through an exercise I’m doing with my students, and chat about what giving ourselves permission really opens up.

mind, body, soul dorm packing list

We spend a lot of time figuring out what we need for our dorm rooms and our classes, but we totally overlook the mind, body, soul part of the transition and what items support that! In this pep talk, I share my top four items you need if you’re going away to college to help with emotional health.

parent pep talk: what to look out for around your teen’s mental wellness

Is it a crisis or a growing pain? In today’s parent pep talk, we chat a question I get a lot: what should I look out for in terms of warning signs around my college student’s mental health. This can be a tricky place because college naturally shifts a lot for students and transition can be dysregulating no matter what. I share my biggest tip around knowing when something is wrong and lend support because this topic is hard!

how to love your body with Meagan Fitzgerald

When body image kept coming up in my private practice this spring, I knew I wanted to bring in an expert and there’s no better person than life coach and fitness instructor Meagan Fitzgerald. Let me tell you, Meagan is fun, she keeps things real, and there’s no BS as we cover all things body.

We chat what our body stories are, shifting out of body struggle, and what Meagan calls the 5 pound swing. She explains what food and body drama are, accepting body change, and the connection between a mom’s relationship to her body the impact it has on her daughter. Today’s episode will give you many mindset tools to relate to your body more positively.

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10 minute habit hack

Got summer goals? I do.

In today’s pep talk, I share my 10 minute habit hack you can apply to any area of life to help you ACTUALLY see progress in your goals.

mental wellness to-do’s before your freshman leaves for college

Got a soon-to-be college freshman? This is THE pep talk for you. I’m sharing what I think every student should do for solid mental wellness support before going away to school. We chat foundational wellness in terms of nervous system regulation, the parent transition to college, and why mentorship becomes *even* more important the summer before freshman year.

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never ask your teens this question

I’ve had a lot of parent chats in the last couple of weeks and I don’t know if it’s the end of the school year or college kids coming home from school, but communication has been wonky! In today’s pep talk, I’m sharing communication tips including what question to avoid, reframing for more peaceful conversations, and how to reinforce confidence in your kid’s ability to make decisions for themselves.

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the impact of the pandemic on students

I know that everyone is tired of talking about the pandemic, but I feel like we’re only now starting to process what went down… and it was TRAUMATIC. In this pep talk, I explain my “the pandemic made you more of who you already were” theory, the grades I felt had their social emotional health impacted the most, and an exercise for parents to consider when thinking about the wellbeing of your teens.

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