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Up worried at night about your teen? Wondering what to do about her stresses? You know she might not be taking in your advice or feel like there’s nothing you can say or do that’s right? Teens in general don’t come with a guidebook (and yet I can tell you that all of this is NORMAL).

I got you and want to provide relief around parenting teen girls.

“What can I do on my end?” is the #1 question I get when it comes to raising happy, capable teens. Parenting a teen into an independent, young adult requires a different kind of involvement. They still need you, but in a different way. It’s what I call doer parenting to supporter parenting.

In our parenting coaching sessions, I help you:

  • build up your arsenal of coping tools to help your daughter navigate all the feelings that come along with adolescences
  • understand why teens act the way they do at certain times/situations and how you can help 
  • these sessions help support you while navigating the ups and downs of parenting teens

Through these sessions you can help your daughter:

  • become more confident with who she is 
  • have coping skills to deal with anxiety 
  • take care of her body and her mind 
  • organize and manage her time and things
  • handle high stress situations

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