group mentorship for moms

When I tell people I work with teens they say, “Oh my God, better you than me! It’s such an awful age!” Your girls pull away from you, big mood swings, mom can’t do anything right, they’re not listening to you, and you’re left worrying about everything!

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s this connection that will serve your girls especially as they leave for college and beyond…

And I can show you how.

It’s become obvious in my teen sessions that moms need support too. Teens for sure don’t come with instruction manuals. Plus, there’s a huge loss of community in the teen stage of parenting because no one wants to admit out loud what their kid is going through.

It’s isolating and actually a time when you need more support not less which is why I’d love to invite you to my…

**Next Group Starting September 2023** 

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I’m sharing everything I’ve learned working with teens girls for over 10 years (plus my Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Education where I focused on mothers and adolescents). I know what works! You’ll leave with the tools to:

Parenting teens is vulnerable, but you’re expected to project confidence. It can feel like there’s so much at stake, especially in terms of your teen’s overall wellbeing, mental health, and everything else they have going on. Also, kids are growing up faster. They’re coming into puberty earlier… meaning it’s in your house longer…

You’re not meant to parent alone!

What’s included: 

We’ll meet Mondays 12-1PM (let’s unravel whatever happened over the weekend and gain new perspective and tools for the week).  8 week program from September 18th 2023 – November 13th. 

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