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Who is it for?

Sometimes talking to someone in a personal way can feel intimidating, but just like you have an academic advisor if you’re in college or a guidance counselor in high school, why wouldn’t you have a person to talk to about your well being?

Mentoring sessions are for college and high school girls. It’s  like a good  vent session with a friend who gets what you’re going through. 

What do we talk about?

High school and college can be a huge transition and having someone to chat with can make some of life’s more confusing moments bearable! The foundation for all my work is to help girls feel happy, confident, and love who they are.  Going to college changes everything from where you live, the friends you hang out with, the classes you take, even to what you eat. If you’re stressed, wanting guidance on friendship, learning how to navigate roommates, trying to get to know yourself on a college campus, or burnt out by social media, I’m here for you! Your own friends are always there to listen, but a mentoring session allows you to be heard and counseled in a way that is very much tailored to you!

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions are done either on the phone, FaceTime or in-person in Hoboken, NJ. They are an hour long and can be booked whenever it fits your schedule. You can buy a one time chat or a package of four. It’s all about what works for you!

What are the benefits?

Having a mentor in your inner circle is a game changer. Research shows that, “lifelong wellness starts in college where students learn to balance academic, social, health, and financial demands independently” (Baldwin 2017). Girls with mentors feel more connected, happier, capable, and supported. Sessions offer girls guidance during college, a time of massive transition. 

Baldwin, D. R., Towler, K., Oliver, M. D., & Datta, S. (2017). An examination of college student wellness: A research and liberal arts perspective. Health Psychology Open

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