1:1 Mentorship

support for success 

See all your good stuff. With mentorship you:

  • make sense of life changes and challenges
  • move forward in areas that feel stuck
  • learn tools to be your own problem solver that you can use anytime anywhere
  • get out of anxious loop thoughts
  • build confidence and appreciate yourself
work with maggie

life doesn’t seem so tricky knowing that someone unconditionally and without judgement has your back

Your friends are always there to listen, but a mentoring session allows you to be heard and advised in a way that is very much tailored to you and your own goals! My gift is that I’m able to intuitively hear what you mean and guide you towards your own personal path.



so how does it work?

Mentor sessions can feel nerve-wracking at first. I remember being so nervous for my first session with my mentors but once I had an understanding of what the session would be like I felt so much better.

Here’s a preview of what a mentor session is like…

I’ve seen my students:

  • build a solid foundation their first year of college
  • work through feelings around a big move & adapt to new environments
  • start a new school with confidence
  • manage anxiety loop thoughts
  • let go of disappointment 
  • get over a bad break up
  • manage tricky relationships
  • create lasting authentic friendships
  • create a side hustle or leave a job they hated
  • overcome fear of not being good enough & get internships, jobs, and college/grad school acceptances

…and so much more but it would take up this whole page to tell you, and statistically speaking you’ve probably already stopped reading. but I’m really just trying to show you that mentorship is magic. 

session information

  • 1 hour long
  • Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or In Person (Covid permitting) 
  • Pricing based on a sliding scale

New student sessions start with an intro call so we can we come up with the mentor plan that works best for you!

work with maggie

Photos by Maja Bakija