Screen Time Shift that Changed my Confidence

When you’re aware of the life happening right in front of you, right in the present moment, right in your present body, you’re able to be open for what’s meant for you, for what you want,  and what you’re calling in. 

Every Sunday I get a little ding on my phone that tells me how much screen time I’ve had that week and every time I see it I’m pretty horrified… and yet I consistently do nothing about it… until a few weeks ago.

I looked at my usage and it seemed like an absurd amount to spend on a digital brick in my hand so I decided to ask myself what would be a reasonable amount of time to spend on to an app and set an app limit.  The results were amazing because it really just highlighted how addicted I am to my phone. Let me tell you, it does not feel good, at first, to have a limit. 

Whenever we’re upset I know we can turn to our phones and mindlessly scroll in order to numb out when we’re uncomfortable. We use our phones like a buffer. To be really present and really available for what was in front of me felt really uncomfortable at first until I realized a few other things: 

I was happier.

I felt like I was more present with my friends. I felt like I have the ability when I’m out to be more present, even more romantically open. I was clearer in my thinking because I wasn’t constantly head down in an app. Physically it’s also not cute to be hunched over as well. I also happened to watched The Social Dilemma documentary and it made me want to take other steps towards some digital detoxing, but let me tell you the biggest improvement came from those app timers. I learned the following things: 

  1. It freed up a lot of my time 
  2. I was forced to be more present in my real life 
  3. I realized that presence is really really attractive 

When you are aware of the life happening right in front of you right in the present moment right in your present body you’re able to be open for what’s meant for you for what you want for what you’re calling in and that’s really important. 

Someone not on their phone is more available, they’re more fun to be around, and they’re not hunched over. There’s not anything wrong with being on your phone, but I do think there’s something to be said about how much we are on our phones, how much we’re absorbing, and how much we’re taking in whether or not we noticed it. 

If you’re looking to make some life improvements I suggest setting an app timer on your phone. If you have an iPhone it’s right there in settings you can do it right this second if you want and just see what that opens up for you. I know for me, it made a huge difference and that’s why I’m sharing it here with you guys.


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It takes bravery to let someone see you because it can feel so vulnerable, but having someone witness your inner self and be able to share it back with you is like embracing an old friend, but that friend is the deepest part of yourself. I’m lucky to have Peri Zarrella hold that space for me. Below, you can listen to Peri witness what my energy feels like to her, but there are many ways to reveal ourselves. Wishing everyone the courage to share their authenticity with trusted confidants as we head into a new season.

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