how to ask for help

I always give my students the opportunity to text me in between sessions so they can fill me in on what’s going on or get any kind of support if they need it, but I noticed that there was sometimes hesitancy in reaching out. In today’s pep talk, I’m sharing a reframe for asking for help that’s been really helpful/ make reaching out easier!

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how to know whose advice to take

parent pep talk: the father of the bride effect to understand your teen

Today I’m sharing what I call: The Father of the Bride effect and how it will change your perspective on your teen’s behavior. I always share this during my parent talks or parent sessions because it has a huge opportunity for an AHA! moment and to also bring relief to you as a parent. This episode is for you if you feel you’re being met with resistance and not being listened to by your teen!

been recently ditched? you’re not alone

Been recently ditched? If you said, yes, I’m not surprised. September is a HUGE month for friendship shifts. In this episode, I share why back to school getting left out is common, why it’s really big for college freshman, and what you can do about it.

how to know whose advice to take

Have you ever asked a bunch of people what you should do about something then ended up confused OR maybe people just give you unsolicited advice which ends up making you feel unclear. If any of these sound familiar, then this episode is for you. Today, I share a tool for what I use to gage if I should take someone’s advice or not. It’s helped me out so much and I hope it works for you as well!

parent pep talk: how to support your college student while they’re away at school

You get the call from your daughter at college that she’s upset and you immediately want to swoop in and come up with 10 solutions for whatever issue she’s brought up. It’s amazing to have ideas for support, but your student might actually need something different. In this pep talk, we chat about the shift from doer to supporter parenting, walk you through a real life example of how this plays out, and why you new role as advisor is so incredibly important.

parent pep talk: “last weekend as a family” pressure

If you have a college student leaving for school soon and have been hearing yourself say, “This is our last week (or weekend) as a family,” I’m issuing a gentle PSA: the last week as a family is a crazy time! It’s okay to just let it be a chaotic, messy, full weekend. Let’s deescalate this together and take the pressure off of ourselves!

play out worst case scenarios? try this

Do you worry? I do! If you’re someone who tends to fear fantasize, this tool is for you. My mentor Erin taught me this and I’ve been using it with my students ever since. Hope this serves you as much as it’s served me.

Shannon from Mayernik Kitchen

herbal remedies for sleep, anxiety, & stress with Mayernik Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I went to the Mayernik Kitchen, a modern day apothecary, in North NJ and left asking herbalist Shannon to be on the podcast! She’s so kind and knowledgeable, I wanted her to share her insight on common wellness ailments I hear from my mentees. We talk about what the best plants and herbs are for helping with sleep, anxiety, pms, mood and more. She goes over how to figure out what plant medicine is right for you, what flower essences are, and gives us the details on her morning & evening routines. I also share my favorite herbs and how I use them and we even chat how to clear the energy in a new dorm or apartment. Thank you Shannon for sharing yourself with us!!

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can you give yourself permission?

Do you need to give yourself permission? If you’re a people pleaser, this episode could be really helpful for you. In this pep talk, I share my personal relationship with permission right now, walk you through an exercise I’m doing with my students, and chat about what giving ourselves permission really opens up.

mind, body, soul dorm packing list

We spend a lot of time figuring out what we need for our dorm rooms and our classes, but we totally overlook the mind, body, soul part of the transition and what items support that! In this pep talk, I share my top four items you need if you’re going away to college to help with emotional health.