been recently ditched? you’re not alone

Been recently ditched? If you said, yes, I’m not surprised. September is a HUGE month for friendship shifts. In this episode, I share why back to school getting left out is common, why it’s really big for college freshman, and what you can do about it.

how covid affects college admissions

covid and college admissions

The pandemic has turned college admissions upside down. Without SAT/ACT scores, extracurriculars, and with semesters of pass/fail grades, the traditional admissions rubric no longer works. This is a huge opportunity as more weight shifts to a student’s character making essays, interviews, and recommendations essential. In this episode, I share my #1 tip to stand out in college essays and cover letters. Knowing who you are, why you want to be a student at a specific school, and how to articulate it, is now crucial. This is a pandemic shift I am actually excited about!

making friends in quarantine


Who are the people in your life that you tell the truth about yourself to?

This is your inner circle… 

And it’s not an easy thing to put together. During covid, community is more important than ever. I know I’ve definitely felt isolated! 

When I just graduated college, I used to go to Monday night Gabby Bernstein groups where I met a lot of people with like minded interests, but how do we do that in times of quarantine? Megan McDowell of Heartworks shares with me how to build this inner circle at 45 minutes in the podcast below. 

Creating community starts with yourself. If you’re only projecting to people that you have your shit together all the time, life is going to be very lonely. This is also why mentorship has been so important to me. Mentors are in my inner circle that meet me and accept where I’m at. 

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a pep talk on navigating the unknown

I know there’s so much unknown right now (like what will Fall 2020 look like?) and how uncomfortable uncertainty can be especially for college students and recent grads who are already undergoing major transitions. You don’t just have to wait and worry until things get figured out. I actually feel there’s a lot of opportunity if you have the right support! In this pep-talk I share the tips that have helped me navigate this time of uncertainty!

Self-Care Tips for College Students


Self-care is a wellness buzz word that I usually roll my eyes at, but I’ve been focused on what means to take really good care of ourselves in all ways. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in college and put yourself last, that’s why I’m sharing self-care practices to help you feel better about everything you have going on. In this free gift, you’ll get 28 self-care ideas and a video where I give personal detail on how to implement them in your life. These are EASY (most of them free) things you can do that really make a difference!  For the free mentoring click here.

Do you Talk to Yourself?

Do you Talk to Yourself? ⁣⁣
I hung out with a long time student of mine yesterday and she described someone as, “he doesn’t talk to himself,” to explain a lack of self-awareness. SO GOOD. ⁣⁣
How often do you talk to yourself? Like reaaaaally talk? What’s your inner dialogue? How well do you know yourself? It’s all part of caring for you! ⁣⁣
There’s sometimes fear around getting to know ourselves because we’re afraid of what we might see. Shining awareness on the dark parts just makes them light. This is where my mentors have been so important. They help me see all of me from a higher perspective. Self-cultivation is especially important during transitions (like going to college, starting a new school year, trying something new, etc.) when you’re inherently getting to know a different version of yourself. Wanna have a chat with yourself? These are things that help me start the conversation: ⁣⁣
✨take a walk⁣⁣
✨listen to music ⁣⁣
✨dance ⁣⁣
✨spend time with mentors ⁣⁣
✨turn off the phone ⁣⁣
✨pay attention to the world around you ⁣⁣
✨journal ⁣⁣
✨go be alone⁣⁣
Let me know how the convo goes! ⁣⁣
** Also not talking to myself in this pic, but laughing at @leshon and having my photo taken by the talented Maja Bakija @maja_bee **

3 Ways to Lie on Instagram

Click here for video. My relationship to social media is confusing. Just when I’m 100% sure I want to throw my phone in the Hudson River and make anyone who wants to talk to me come find me in person, I see a great dance video, a funny meme, or a cute outfit.

Most of the time, I feel really drained by it all and today I wanted to share a video about what I keep in mind when I’m online. People ONLY show you what they want you to see and that INCLUDES ME. I am a billion times more than what I share here. Highs, lows, and everything in between.

Side note, I feel like this is super important for college freshmen. It’s so easy to think that everyone is adjusting to college life better than you based on social media! It’s not true. College is a big transition. It’s normal to be multi-feeling about it! Click here for video.