Who’s in your Inner Circle?

Who’s in your inner circle? I think about this a lot as I believe that it’s so important to be discerning about whom you go to for guidance. If a business has a Board of Directors for a company’s growth and well being, why wouldn’t you have one for yours? It’s more than just a great group of friends (and you guys know I love my #dwnycoven). I have many different mentors that help me on a range of topics from advising on my work, to more importantly, supporting my inner well being. Do you have a Personal Board of Advisors? Everyone needs one.

Maggie in Teen Vogue

Another fun week here! Earlier in the summer, Teen Vogue asked me to share what I felt like girls needed to know the most before heading to campus. I know that I felt really nervous about starting college and I’m so happy to be a resource! BONUS: If you dig the article, I have my College Prep video here. All the BEST tips!


teenvogue pic

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Middle School

Last Friday I hung out with 4th and 5th graders during theme day who were asking ALL about middle school. Starting a new chapter can be intimidating! Watch the video to learn what you HAVE to know before starting middle school.

What I Wish I Knew…

I’m so excited for today’s video! Before starting any new school year, I was totally scared. So many things ran through my mind. Trust me and watch the video. I share how my first day of high school went… eek. I was nervous about making friends, doing well in school, worried about what I looked like. I needed a big sister to ask all my first day questions to, which is why I’m introducing the Prep Series. Join me this summer and learn how to survive middle school, high school and college!