An Easy Way to Up your Vibe

One of the most important parts of managing stress is to figure out your inner dialogue. I’ve been working with my students on this little trick that’s a super easy way to change your energy. Check out this video for more positive vibes.





How to Find your Zen

Originally published on Spire & Co

Last week, I wore my new zenned OUT tee when a stranger told me she loved the shirt, but she was the least zen person ever. “Please, I’m my own kind of zen,” I replied. 

Zen doesn’t have to be enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree or serenity in every moment.

My zen looks like dance parties. It’s talking with friends, spending time with my family, and being of service. It’s traveling, eating, and trying new things. Sometimes my zen involves tears. It’s meditative and self-explorative. It’s being energetic and calm. My zen is when I have enough self-love to not judge all the different situations and emotions that come up in my life.

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How to be the Life of the Party

It’s a common misconception that being the life of the party means being the most outgoing person in the room. It’s not about what you look like or who can’t take their eyes off of you, it’s all about the energy you bring you into the room. Standing out in a positive way means glittering from the inside out. Got somewhere to be? Try these quick tips for lighting up a room!

 How to be the life of the party pic