Private Mentoring

Wellness Advising for Students

Who is it for?

Sometimes talking to someone in a personal way can feel intimidating, but just like you have an academic advisor if you’re in college or a guidance counselor in high school, why wouldn’t you have a person to talk to about your well being?

Mentoring sessions are for college and high school girls. It’s  like a good  vent session with a friend who gets what you’re going through. 

What do we Talk About?

We can talk about anything! Many of my sessions focus on stress and anxiety, as well as school life balance. Social media is always part of the conversation. My students can be academic achievers and get stressed over school work so we talk about different ways to find balance. Girls chat with me about friendships. We work on how to make and maintain a loyal, kind, inner circle. For my college girls, there’s handling roommates, but the foundation for all my work is to help girls feel happy, confident, and love who they are. 

Where do the Sessions take Place?

Sessions are done either on the phone, FaceTime or in-person in Hoboken, NJ. They are an hour long and can be booked whenever it fits your schedule. You can buy a one time chat or a package of four. It’s all about what works for you!

What are the Benefits?

According to a study on teen self-esteem conducted by Dove®, “7 in 10 girls believe that they’re not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their physical looks, academic performance and relationships with friends and family members.” What’s the solution? Mentorship. From personal experience, I know that mentors are extremely influential to a student’s personal and professional success. Students will build confidence, manage stress, and learn to create fulfilling relationships in their lives, beginning with the one they have with themselves.

Let’s Get Started! 

Want to get a feel for mentoring? Book your complimentary session here.

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